A distraction from election drama, memes on Vice President Biden


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden shake hands in the Oval Office following a phone call with House Speaker John Boehner securing a bipartisan deal to reduce the nation’s deficit and avoid default, 2011. Memes playing off of the close relationship the President and Vice President have formed have become a popular way of relieving election stress. Photo credit: Pete Souza

By John Louie Menorca

In the wake of the post-election results demonstrations, protests, and even riots have erupted across the nation while a firestorm of anger hatred seems to drown out positivity on the internet and social media. The American people find themselves no more divided than they are now.

However, a light shines out from the darkness in the form of a meme.


The “Biden Memes,” in the portrayal of imaginary conversations made up between President Barack Obama and, mainly, Vice President Joe Biden.

Memes are generally an idea or concept that spread like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs, etc., and the “Biden Memes” are just the latest, spreading all over the internet as comic-relief for those looking for a break from the mass of political drama.

“Biden memes” consist of an image of Vice President Joe Biden and a caption to humorously characterize what he might be thinking. This latest wave of the meme went from general goofiness, to a more focused theme, specifically aimed at portraying the thoughts of Biden, President Barack Obama and their “bromantic” relationship in their final days at the White House.


However, this isn’t the first brush with satirical and internet fame the Vice President has had.

Beginning back in 2009 in The Onion’s satirical political articles featuring Biden, the V.P. became a sort of running joke on the parody news site, starting out with a small joke headline like “Biden Pardons Single Yam in Vice-Presidential Thanksgiving Ritual” and escalating to headlines like “Obama Issues Presidential Pardon To Get Biden Out of Jail For Third Time This Year”.

It was after the election was over that the denizens of the internet realized that they would be losing their “Uncle-in-Chief”, one of the many affectionate monikers bestowed onto Biden, and thus see fit to send him off in a blaze of memes.

Compiled from Twitter users, here are some of the Biden memes a few of us love in the Student Voice Newsroom, and make sure to share your favorites either in the comments below or by hitting us up on twitter @Student_Voice