‘Three Sisters’ is a timeless play of hopes and far-off dreams


Cast members in costume did vocal warm-ups before the dress rehearsal during tech week. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

By Karina Peterson and Shariliz Poveda

Moorpark College Theatre Arts production of “Three Sisters” deals with very real topics of heartbreak and focuses on the realism of life. With original music created specifically for the show by the cast musicians and a large scene change with moving platforms, it’s a performance to see.

The Performing Arts Center will have various show dates running from Oct. 11 – 21 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 p.m., with two opportunities for a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m.

Hand painted panels are accompanied by wooden furniture to provide the illusion of a mid-19th century home. The tech crew took a last minute walk though the set before rehearsals. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

Rachel Rysso, 20-year-old theater major, who plays youngest sister Irina, believes that the story of “Three Sisters” is timely.

“Many people assume that because “Three Sisters” is over a decade old that it will be stuffy or boring, but in reality, many of the human connections in it are timeless,” said Rysso. “The situations that these characters are in could happen almost anywhere, and the love, whether platonic, romantic, or familial, is absolutely real. We feel it every night, every time we step on that stage. I can’t wait for audiences to feel it too.”

“Three Sisters” is the third of Anton Chekhov’s four major plays where drama and realism are brought to life on stage. It takes place in 1860s Russia, and chronicles the years of the four Prozorov children after the passing of their father, a renowned Colonel in the Russian army. With each of the children trying to manage their everyday troubles in their small town, the Prozorovs long to return to Moscow, the bustling metropolis they left years ago.

Eventually brought down by disappointment, debt, and the oppressive normality of their daily lives, the sweet Irina, the tempestuous Masha, the practical Olga, and their brother Andrei, learn that the dream and promise of Moscow may always just remain a dream.

The tech crew took pride in the detailed decor throughout the home of the three sisters. Crystal liquor bottles were positioned on top of the bar. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

Director Suzanne Fagan, wants audiences to pay very close attention to what’s happening on stage.

“I would say that the audience should sit as close to the stage as possible, because hopefully what they will glean from this production are the quiet moments of realism, the nuances and subtleties in the performance,” said Fagan. “This is an actor’s play, where the actor’s craft gets to be the main focus.”

For questions regarding tickets and location contact Moorpark College Performing Arts Center box office at (805) 378-1485 or refer to the link below.


For current students or faculty members at Moorpark College, they have the opportunity to see “Three Sisters” on Oct. 16 and 17 at 10:00 a.m. for free. Matinee performances are at Main Stage Theatre in the Performing Arts Center and do require RSVPs, as these productions tend to fill up. RSVP at [email protected]