‘Voices Matter’: Students give us their take on their own culture and what Multicultural Day means to them

Multicultural Day, an annual festival designed to showcase diverse stories and experiences from a wide range of cultures, took over the Moorpark College campus Tuesday.

Many instructors also use this as an opportunity for an “alternate day of instruction” to highlight lessons that are best learned from those with different experiences.

“Multicultural means embracing many cultures, many ideas, many values, many experiences,” said Tamarra Coleman, Multicultural Day project specialist and an English professor at Moorpark College.

The theme of this year’s event was “Voices Matter,” based on a TED Talk titled “The Danger of a Single Story.” In that spirit, the members of the journalism department’s Digital Storytelling class created this video, which showcases a slice of the many voices that could be heard at this Multicultural Day.

-Dominic D’Amico