Staff Picks: Expanding the mind through intellectual stimulation


Image provided by Armchair Expert website.

By Kaylin Matzner

Listen To This! – Armchair Expert | Podcast

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Image courtesy of Armchair Expert website.

Celebrities are consistently in the limelight, but it is rare that everything in the media is true. Thankfully, “Armchair Expert” allows celebrities to be their true, raw selves. The podcast is hosted by Dax Shepard and co-hosted by Monica Padman. Shepard, on multiple occasions has expressed his love and passion for vulnerability, which he exemplifies through his openness about his sobriety.

The podcast releases episodes every Monday focusing on the life and stories of celebrities, and typically a second episode with an expert in some field, whether it be fashion, medicine, etc. in a segment called “Experts on Experts.”

The episodes that focus on celebrities allow listeners to see a deeper side of some of the biggest names in Hollywood as they discus the life, the highest highs, and the lowest lows, experienced thus far. This podcast is funny, informative, raw and definite recommendation to anyone interested in celebrities, and the lives they live beyond the screen.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

Watch This! – Explained | Netflix Series

Image provided by Netflix.

There are many aspects of life that leave people with unanswered questions. However, the Netflix Original series, “Explained,” attempts to answer these questions. This series releases new 30-minute episodes weekly, each one focusing on taking a deeper dive into a topic that is often a mystery. The topics of the show include cults, orgasms, tattoos and many more.

This show is enticing as people sit down and explain their experiences involving the topic of that episode and attempt to answer any questions that surround the subject. This show is authentic, informative and interesting, which makes it a definite recommendation for anyone seeking further knowledge and understanding about some of the world’s most unfamiliar topics.

This show is a Netflix original and is only available on Netflix.

Watch This! – The Mind, Explained | Netflix Series

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Photo credit: Vox Media

Vox Media, the same creators who put out the weekly episodes of “Explained,” released a five episode limited series that explains the functions of the brain. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of the brain including memory, anxiety and the interaction between the brain and the use of psychedelics. “The Mind, Explained” attempts to answer questions about the part of our body that controls our every action, that we know the least about. The show is narrated by award-winning actress, Emma Stone.

“The Mind, Explained” is informative and really sparks thinking. This show is a definite recommendation for anyone who is curious about the most used organ in our bodies, the brain.

This show is only available on Netflix.