Student photography on display at Pink Flamingo Art Gallery for Work in Progress showcase


Keir Kloss, Moorpark student, lines up a shot of other fellow students on Thursday, Nov. 14 in the quad. Kloss said he would like to see more honest portrayals of the average Moorpark College student. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Justin Downes

Landscapes, street scenes, portraits and fashion photography will be on display at the Pink Flamingo Art Gallery in room 129 of the Humanities and Social Sciences building on Nov. 20 from 6-8 p.m. Moorpark College photography students will display black and white, color, digital and film samples of their work. The event, titled Work In Progress, is free to the public and will include food.

Moorpark photography professor Bill Short began hosting the gallery three years ago.

“For some students, this is the first time they’ve ever shown their work. The primary goal of an artist is to have their pictures shown in a public space and our exhibit gives them the chance to experience being a part of a gallery opening, as well as the opportunity to hang their work for the public to see,” stated Short. “It’s a good way for beginning students to advance their careers.”

Moorpark College photography students Jesus Isabeles and Arturo Santiso look at black and white negatives in the photography lab on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Photo credit: Justin Downes

The Moorpark College photography department teaches both film and digital mediums. Facilities available to students include dark rooms, film developing stations, as well as digital photography labs. Students can learn to use film scanners, professional printers, portrait lighting and digital editing with Adobe Photoshop. Moorpark’s photography courses teach skills in composition and technical skills, as well as how to critique photographs.

Ruth Salazar is attending Moorpark as a returning student with the goal of increasing her knowledge to become an art teacher.

“I really appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten from the teachers here and value their input. I graduated from University of San Diego, and I feel I’ve learned more about art and photography in two semesters at Moorpark than I learned in four years at [University of San Diego],” Salazar said.

Professor Short explains that Moorpark’s photography department has state of the art equipment and that many graduates of Moorpark have gone on to have successful careers using the experience they gained.

“Jon Michael Castillo was a Moorpark photo student who just graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and is now working as a freelance photographer,” said Short, whilst also elaborating on one of Castillo’s most recent projects.

“One of his latest projects involved making handmade paper from shredded twenty dollar bills acquired from the Chicago Federal Reserve. He then printed photos of students who are in debt on the paper to raise awareness of the massive amount of loans students often are burdened with after a four year school.”

Moorpark offers an Associate of Science in Photography as well as a Photography Certificate of Achievement. The program tailors to student’s needs, whether it’s becoming skilled at shooting landscapes, or learning how to direct and pose models for studio portraits. Moorpark College also has multiple cameras that students are able to take home for practice, including digital, 35mm, medium format and large format view cameras. Lighting equipment can also be rented to practice outside the studio.

The Work In Progress gallery is free to all students and the community. The showing will be held in the Pink Flamingo Art Gallery located in room 129 of the Humanities and Social Sciences building. For more information, visit the Moorpark College Photography Department.