Five clubs to be on the look out for before attending the spring Club Rush


Anthony Gutierrez, president of the Enthusiastic Programmers Club, chats with fellow club member Rayan Reyes in the clubs scheduled meeting location, LMC 121, on Wednesday, Jan. 22. Regarding goals for the club, Gutierrez said he wants more students to attend hackathons. Hackathons are events in which large groups of computer programmers compete in challenges involving software development and creative solutions. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Morgan Ellis

This week, the Associated Students of Moorpark College will host the spring semester Club Rush on Jan. 28-29 from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. along Raider Walk.

“Getting involved with a club and getting involved with really any organization on campus can really help students, push them towards success and feel more at home at Moorpark College,” ASMC Vice President Cecilia Nguyen said.

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Club Rush graphic provided by ASMC.

User Xperience Design Club

There will be familiar clubs and newly formed ones alike, such as the recently approved User Xperience Design Club.

This will be the first Club Rush for the User Xperience Design Club. The field of user experience design refers to utilizing factors such as accessibility, functionality and overall usability in order to create the most ideal experience for the consumer of any given product.

In creating this club, President Justin Label hopes to “educate more people about what user experience design is and kind of why it’s important.”

There is no prior experience, knowledge, or designated major required to be a member of this club. The club welcomes any student eager to learn about user experience design, and the officers say that it is a subject broad enough to cater to students interested in any field of study.

“There’s so many fields of user experience that really affect any business,” Label stated. “Just by joining I think it would give them a better understanding of how businesses work in general.”

Psychology Club

Another table to check out at Club Rush is the Psychology Club, which meets twice a month from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Anyone and everyone interested in psychology concepts are more than welcome to stop by meetings, where a wide array of topics are explored.

The Psychology Club partakes in activities like watching TED Talks, listening to guest speakers and engaging in open discussions regarding psychology related topics.

Spectrum Club

The Spectrum Club will also be at Club Rush, a club that provides a welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community as well as allies.

One of their most notable accomplishments includes advocating for the multi-stall gender neutral restrooms on campus, located on the second floor of the AC building. The Spectrum Club will be presenting an educational presentation at both the Spring Festival and Multicultural Day.

“Spectrum’s a safe place and we’re always welcoming people in no matter race, gender, or sexual orientation,” Club Secretary Junior Hurtado said.

The club meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, from 3:30- 5 p.m. “Everyone that supports the community is welcome,” professor Sally Ponce O’Rourke stated, who has been the Spectrum Club’s adviser for nearly 13 years.

Women in Engineering, Math, and Science Club

Another club on campus is the Women in Engineering, Math and Science Club. This club prides itself in being a community space for STEM students and provides its members with guest speakers, workshops and open conversation.

“We’re gearing towards and supporting our STEM enthusiasts and allies and just anyone who’s interested in that realm can benefit from any of our workshops and guest speakers,” President of WEMS, Dharma Lewis said. “I think that it’s really important just to have clubs for allies and marginalized people in general.”

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association on campus is one of the most active clubs. By addressing issues such as Islamophobia, the MSA aims to create an overall more inclusive society, safe for any minority. They also want to help members reach their highest potential academically by organizing various workshops as well as peer support for difficult course work.

“I believe the MSA is unlike any other club on campus,” MSA president Salman Muntazir remarked. “We have a universal objective to help students do good academically and also create a more tolerant society on campus so we can focus more on growth as opposed to worrying about our own social problems.”

There are a multitude of clubs on campus embracing an increasingly wide variety of subjects and ideas. The highly anticipated spring Club Rush will help expose students to all the different ways they can get involved on campus.

For more information regarding Club Rush, refer to the ASMC website or reach them by email at [email protected]