A day in the life: Student workers shine at Moorpark College


Spencer Burnett operates one of the checkout kiosks in the student bookstore on Thursday, Jan. 23. According to Burnett, he was hired as a student worker to help the store at the beginning of the semester. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Susana Suffolk

Around campus in every department student workers help things to stay afloat. Whether it’s appointment making, helping students locate buildings on campus, or assisting students with their academic goals. Student workers are the hidden secret to making all these tasks run more smoothly.

DeAnna Grove, dual enrollment outreach specialist, and former Student Services specialist for the Counseling Department, expressed how the students are able to build and develop skills.

“[Students gain the] ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, responsibility, organizational skills, learning to think proactively, problem solving, time management, and learning that it’s impossible to know everything, but knowing who to ask, refer to, or where to look for answers.”

Being a student worker is filled with tasks to help the college and students, and these can bring life lessons through customer service skills. Often students learn how to help file and organize important documents such as transcripts, make copies and appointment making.

Student workers go through the registration process, add classes and make appointments so they are great at helping fellow peers with similar tasks. This is a job that works directly with the various students Moorpark has, so it can be tough at times to meet the needs of each student.

“I have learned that you kinda always have to keep a positive face,” Miranda Badillo, a psychology major and student worker at the Campus Bookstore stated.

When it comes to balancing work and school, student workers find there is more flexibility with working on campus. Supervisors of student workers know that school is the student worker’s first priority.

“What’s nice about it is my office works with my schedule. If I have class at a certain time and something comes up, they’re totally fine with adjusting my work schedule,” Omed Zaffar said. Zaffar is a nursing major and student worker for the Career Transfer Center.

Omed Zaffar, left, talks with a student, Alexa Dominguez, 24, during his shift in the Career and Transfer Center on Wednesday, Jan. 15. Photo credit: Morgan Ellis

There are multiple perks to having a job on campus. Logistically, both work and school are at the same location which makes it more convenient. Also, an unintended benefit of a being student worker is the awareness of the many resources available on campus.

“We get to hear most news on campus first hand whether it’s academics or student activities and we get to assist students with the best directions to help them with their college journey,” remarked Reshini Ekanayake, an engineering major and student worker for the Counseling Department.

When working at the Campus Bookstore student workers are given a 20% discount as a benefit. The reduced price in textbooks can help student workers a lot. In addition to financial perks, there is a sense of community, according to Badillo.

Making friends, coworkers who also go here is great because you have commonality,” expressed Badillo.

Student workers have also benefitted from the recent wage increase of a $1.00 an hour until the $15.00 per hour rate is reached in 2023. The current wage for employers with 26 or more employees is $13.00 per hour and for employers with less than 26 employees is $12.00 per hour.

When it comes to hiring, Grove looks for a specific type of student.

“I look for candidates that have a high level of motivation and high work ethic. Dependability and flexibility is key,” Grove said. Someone who is a self-starter and is willing to continually learn and grow.”

Student workers help Moorpark College stay motivated and organized. They are an essential part of the campus in each department.

Applying for campus jobs may be daunting, but according to Zaffar, it is a worthwhile venture.

“Give it a shot. I admit it took some time before I got my opportunity to be able to work here,” Zaffar said. “Even though it’s a long process, it’s totally worth it.”

For more information on how to apply for a student worker position check the college Job Board Instructions.