Five07 Coffee Bar and Eatery holds Quarantine Corner in light of COVID-19 precautions


Ethan Ridge performs in a quarantine corner performance in a YouTube video published on Thursday, April 9. Image courtesy of Five07 Creative YouTube page.

By Liz Byington

As Ventura County prohibits public gatherings as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Five07 Coffee Bar and Eatery co-owner Sean McCarthy is taking measures to ensure that local artists are connected with their community through live streamed performances in Five07’s Quarantine Corner series.

Known for its open mic nights and live performances previously held every Saturday, Five07 serves its community as a platform for local artists.

“One thing that we really love as an organization, Five07, is creativity and how it can bring people together,” McCarthy said.

AYISA performs a set on the quarantine corner series on the Five07 Creative YouTube page, published on Saturday, April 11. Image courtesy of Five07 Creative YouTube channel.
AYISA performs a set on the quarantine corner series on the Five07 Creative YouTube page, published on Saturday, April 11. Image courtesy of Five07 Creative YouTube channel.

While Five07 coffee and food is still available for pick-up and delivery, the owners were forced to cancel all live performances in order to follow Ventura County’s COVID-19 safety precautions.

Inspired by NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, McCarthy decided to convert the empty seating area into an intimate setting for artists to perform. McCarthy provides a new space for artists to showcase their work in the form of 10-30 minute slots filmed for Five07’s Instagram story and Youtube page.

Multiple artists have jumped onto the idea of live streaming performances in collaboration with Five07. Musician Carter Ace provided his experience working with Five07 that led to him coming back for an appearance in Quarantine Corner.

“I did a show a while back opening for Daryl Salad and they’ve been showing love ever since I did my set there,” Ace said.

Five07 contacted musicians they had already booked before the quarantine occurred. Zack Madsen, a musician and Five07 regular, noted how he had to change his set in order to perform for Quarantine Corner instead of a live audience.

“It was definitely disappointing to hear that the gig got cancelled a few days away from the intended date, but also because I had a band,” said Madsen. “When Sean reached out to me to do an online gig, though, I got super excited, even if it meant stripping down the band to an acoustic set.”

The Five07 staff have taken precautions to ensure the safety of those involved with Quarantine Corner. Only a couple people are allowed within the building during a set, those setting up the live stream had on masks and gloves and everyone stayed at least six feet away from one another.

The Quarantine Corner series includes more notable performances from the artists Miles Hardt, Daryl Salad and AYISA. Miles Hardt, a musician based in Ventura, recounted his view on the importance of Five07’s Quarantine Corner.

“I can say that it was a very inspiring experience seeing how they have taken the situation and found every way possible to make it a positive one and one that will bring this community together,” Hardt said. “That place lives and breathes community and love.”

According to McCarthy, Quarantine Corner’s live streamed performances will occur every Monday, Thursday and Saturday as Ventura County’s social distancing continues. For more information on these performances, visit Five07’s Instagram and Facebook page.