Students discover new ways to spend time as quarantine continues


Photo provided by Chance Crawford.

By Caitlin McHale

COVID-19 continues to halt the daily lives of many, forcing students to pursue school work from home, risk their health as essential workers, or both. Students are passing time in quarantine through different ways for a variety of reasons. Whether it may be completing school assignments, working in the community or picking up a new hobby, the drastic change has greatly affected students.

Olivia Linscott, a first-year student at Moorpark College, continues to work on school assignments from home on the days off from work. When there is free time, it is spent hiking, exercising or rewatching a favorite show.

View of the of the Santa Monica Mountains off of Corral Canyon Road in Malibu Calif. on June 22, 2019.
View of the of the Santa Monica Mountains off of Corral Canyon Road in Malibu, Calif. on June 22, 2019. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

“I’ve pretty much picked up the hiking during the quarantine. It’s very stress relieving which is great. I’ve always been a fan of Bob’s Burgers but it’s bringing a little extra happiness right now since I haven’t seen it in forever,” Linscott explained.

Linscott still works and serves the public as a checker for Sprouts Farmers Market. Linscott expressed that the store has been busy, hours have increased and there has been a mix of various attitudes among customers.

“It’s pretty crazy, a lot of masks coming in. And a lot of grateful people are coming in. But also a lot of people are being rude and unkind,” Linscott revealed.

While there are students still working among the public, many have chosen to apply for temporary leave or quit current jobs. Anabelle Harvey, Moorpark College student, applied for temporary leave and has continued school work from home.

Harvey said completing assignments from home has been a challenge, yet being quarantined has left more time for hobbies.

“Even at the beginning of quarantine I was doing better with homework and responsibilities. Now one of my hobbies is cooking and baking,” Harvey stated.

Harvey has always enjoyed cooking shows and cooking with her mother, so she plans to continue cooking and baking after the quarantine ends. Harvey has especially put more time into preparing food during the quarantine.

“I think I am doing all these things to keep my mind occupied and try not to nap all day. I’m just so bored! It’s also fun and I feel like it brings my family together,” Harvey shared.

While some keep busy, others are looking forward to getting back in the seat. Julianna Rupert a Moorpark student, expressed the struggle of working on assignments from home. Although it is difficult, quarantine has given Rupert additional time to catch up on organizing and spending time with family.

“It is nice to have a moment to straighten things out. Like my room. I’m hoping things calm down enough so that we can have classes in the fall be on campus,” Rupert said.

Quarantine has opened the door to discovering new hobbies as well. Moorpark College student Chance Crawford took up bird watching and photography after picking up a camera one afternoon.

Photo provided by Chance
Photo provided by Chance Crawford.

“I decided to go out on a sunny day to relax and I saw some birds in my backyard. I wondered what kind of birds are those? So I went and got my camera, snapped a shot, and compared pictures from a SoCal bird watching community,” Crawford explained.

Crawford has photographed different kinds of birds as well as night skies. When quarantine is lifted, Crawford is considering continuing this new hobby. Wanting to share photographs with friends, Crawford started an Instagram account for his photos.

Photo provided by Chance Crawford.
Photo provided by Chance Crawford.

“I never thought I would enjoy something like this so much. I have been taking my camera and trying to get some good shots,” Crawford said.

Moorpark College and Ventura County residents are picking up hobbies both new and old throughout quarantine. If there are any that you would like to share send an email or shoot us a message on Twitter or Instagram.