Staff Picks: Terror, Shock and Relief


Movie poster for ‘Jeepers Creepers’

By Caitlin McHale

Watch This! – Jeepers Creepers (Victor Salva, 2001)

‘Jeepers Creepers’ movie poster courtesy of American Zoetrope

“Jeepers Creepers” is perhaps an underrated film of the horror genre that is a tense, exhilarating ride. Directed by Victor Salva, “Jeepers Creepers” delivers an exciting plot and is a fantastic film to watch with Halloween approaching.

Siblings Trish and Darry Jenner drive by an abandoned church with an old, rusty truck parked next to it. After witnessing what appears to be a man disposing of wrapped corpses on the property, Trish and Darry go back to investigate. They eventually discover that the man is not a man at all, but an ancient creature known as The Creeper.

The creature awakens every 23rd spring for 23 days to feast on human body parts, which then morph into parts of the Creeper’s own body. The Creeper seeks out its victims by smelling their fear, and it senses pure terror and vulnerability from Trish and Darry.

This film displays amazing, graphic effects such as The Creeper’s leather-like skin and wings, along with the brutality it kills its victims with. The movie also portrays great originality within its plot that makes it stand out tremendously.

“Jeepers Creepers” is an excellent film to view this Halloween season or at any time, especially if looking for a suspenseful, thrilling and gory experience.

Listen to This! – Rob Zombie – “Past, Present & Future”

Image courtesy of Rob Zombie

Shock rocker Rob Zombie’s album “Past, Present & Future” is incredible. Combining elements of horror with hard rock and heavy metal, this album will surely make listeners want to crank the volume and rock out.

“Past, Present & Future” is essentially a greatest hits album. It features songs from Zombie’s previous band, White Zombie, along with several tracks from Zombie’s current solo career.

The album kicks off with White Zombie’s most popular track, “Thunder Kiss ’65,” which immediately opens with a powerful guitar riff to set the mood. Other songs from White Zombie on the album, such as “Black Sunshine” and “More Human Than Human,” also deliver a groovy, yet still heavy listening experience.

Zombie’s solo tracks have also certainly made a mark amongst fans of shock rock and horror. For instance, the song “Living Dead Girl” makes listeners feel that they are perhaps starring in a horror flick, with its gory lyrics and intense sound.

“Dragula,” Zombie’s most popular song as a solo artist, puts out a similar feeling and is very prominent. Based on an episode of The Munsters, a 1964 sitcom starring a family of monsters, the song is about the character Grandpa Munster’s race car named DRAG-U-LA.

Zombie’s “Past, Present & Future” has a total of 19 songs that bring an exhilarating taste of horror, groove and rock that is definitely worth a listen, just in time for Halloween.

Visit Here! – Paramount Ranch, Agoura Hills

Photo of the Paramount Wilderness
Photo of the Paramount Ranch wilderness on Saturday, Jan 19. 2019 in Agoura Hills. Photo credit: Caitlin McHale

Paramount Ranch offers hiking trails, beautiful scenery and unique history. Rested in the Santa Monica Mountains, Paramount Ranch has received many visitors that come to hike, picnic, ride horses or simply take in the atmosphere.

The ranch was once home to Western Town, an area created specifically for the filming of movies and television shows. Paramount Pictures purchased the ranch in 1927, and from then on hosted the filming of numerous productions. Although Paramount Pictures was prompted to sell the ranch, it was purchased again in 1953, and filming continued.

Unfortunately, Western Town was burnt to the ground in the Woolsey Fire of 2018. Although this leaves many people heartbroken, the set can be remembered and still seen in multiple films, such as “American Sniper,” “Norbit” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Aside from being home to what was once Western Town, Paramount Ranch offers gorgeous landscape that is open for anyone to walk around and explore. If an escape to nature or a scenic hike is needed, Paramount Ranch is an excellent place to visit.

Paramount Ranch is located at 2903 Cornell Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301