Ventura College to welcome new and improved inclusive campus by fall 2021


Photo of the Ventura College Applied Science Center by Jeanne Tanner

By Hailey Garcia

In Mid-may, Ventura College held a virtual Zoom webinar with the Steinberghart architects, designer and planner team. The meeting began with Project Director, Rob Barthelman, who presented guiding principles to ensure a vibrant campus life for the Ventura College campus in Fall 2021.

Steinberg Hart is a firm that specializes in architecture that will be assisting and partnering with Ventura College to transform their environment. The Steinberg Hart headquarters is found in Los Angeles, California.

“This firm has been working with communities in California for many years and has worked on many districts,” Barthelman stated.

The priority at Ventura College is that students come first. The idea is to create a campus environment that has mutual respect for input on facilities, buildings, landscaping and wayfinding from students and faculty.

The Steinberg Hart team members.
The Steinberg Hart team members.

The guidelines are to embrace the strength of diversity, listen with intensity and compassion and communicate with integrity and patience. As well as spark self-confidence and a sense of discovery and pursue vision and goals with passion.

“Our mission at Ventura College, we transform students lives and develop human potential. We serve a highly diverse student body by providing innovative instruction and student support services,” Barthelman expressed.

The support of student, faculty and staff success is a great way the community engages with the college. It is important looking for community connections to support and achieve these developed plans.

There is an educational master plan and strategic plan also being planned out in this process. As well as the facilities condition.

Funding from state and local funding can be an enormous help to make this opportunity for Ventura College happen.

“Seeking opportunity for implementation and everything from little moves like exterior seating to big moves like renovations are welcomed in the planning process,’’ Design Director, Mike Miller said.

The process and time frame for this campus and facilities master plan.
The process and time frame for this campus and facilities master plan.

Flexibility is very important in these team members eyes and this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that.

“Thank you everybody for participating. Your voices are the most important piece of this and spread the word to friends about the survey and thanks to Steinberghart,” College Services Supervisor, Susan Royer expressed.

For more information visit Ventura College’s website or email [email protected]