ASMC board discusses physical and mental health on campus


Image provided by VCCCD photo archive.

By Kate Hernandez

The Associated Students of Moorpark College held a virtual meeting with a focus on creating a comforting atmosphere for students about COVID-19 precautions.

ASMC scheduled the live meeting to take place on Zoom on Sept. 15.

Various students are concerned that the Ventura County Community College District Board’s decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine to attend in-person classes will interfere with their learning and ability to complete course requirements. Those who aren’t vaccinated want the option to test weekly in-place of the mandate which goes into effect on Oct. 15.

Students who joined the meeting were given the time to speak upon their opinions and to be heard by the board as a whole.

Moorpark student Maddie Alto shared her input on the idea of unvaccinated students being tested weekly.

“I support the option of testing 100%,” said Alto. “I think that it’s crucial to both education and sports that we stay on campus. I believe it’s the perfect option to respect each person’s choice, while also keeping each student and faculty member safe.”

Academic Senate Vice President Tiffany Pawluk proposed an idea to the board of creating a survey for students to see if they are comfortable with having students who aren’t vaccinated on campus.

“The student board wants to put in a big effort to listen to both sides through this survey if students reporting on campus should be vaccinated or not,” expressed Pawluk. “Everyone should have a voice. This is important not only to us but for your well-being as well.”

ASMC branched off of the topic of physical health to then discuss mental health.

Director of Campus Events Nicole Bicakci organized a suicide prevention speaking event on Sept. 30, with special guest speaker Dr. Lauren Cook. Cook is a public speaker and therapist who wants to help advocate mental health as being a top priority in college students everyday life.

Bicakci discussed with ASMC members how students can benefit from attending this event.

“Mental health is very important for college students,” stated Bicakci. “Sometimes we take on too much which can create anxiety. It’s nice to listen to someone talk about experiences that many can relate to.”

The event will take place from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Conference Center Room located in the Campus Center of Moorpark Community College.

The event has a capacity of 30 students. Food will be provided for those who attend. Further details on the event will be mentioned on their Instagram, which can be found here.