ASMC prepares Cultural Day event in Oct. 6 meeting


Image provided by VCCCD photo archive.

By Kylee Rogers

The Associated Students of Moorpark College held a virtual meeting covering a new ad hoc committee for the Cultural Day event in progress and a review of events that were a success during the past week.

In the Oct. 6 meeting, the board discussed the Cultural Day event that previously obtained a budget increase for the performing group Zuzu African Acrobats. Event organizer and ASMC President Mary Poitier presented the need to create an ad hoc committee or a committee that will dissolve after the event is finished, to reach a wider audience.

Poitier explained the idea of adding a committee for planning the Cultural Day event.

“I want this to be a student’s time to do something individually that we can look at, and after they leave we know what that country is good for or famous for,” said Poitier. “This is very important to me because I want to see what other cultures have to offer.”

The ASMC Board members then debriefed the Fall ASMC Leadership Retreat that took place from Sept. 24 to Sept. 26. The retreat was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel next to Ventura Pier Beach. The ASMC board members used cleaning up the Ventura Pier Beach as both a bonding experience and as an opportunity to volunteer for the community.

ASMC Director of Budget & Finance Abbey Austin-Wood talked about her favorite parts of the retreat.

“Overall, I loved this retreat more than anything in the entire world,” stated Austin-Wood. “Some of my favorites were definitely staying up all night chatting, just taking pictures and going to do the beach clean up.”

Club rush was a success, according to ASMC board members. On Oct. 5 and Oct. 6, the board worked together to set up and tear down booths, making the event go a lot smoother as a team. Nature’s Finest Club had four sign-up sheets filled with students who wanted to join and the Prima Club had two full sheets filled with students’ sign-ups.

Freshman Amanda Hoyt expressed her feelings about attending her first Club Rush.

“It was really nice getting to be part of the school community,” explained Hoyt. “I got to see old friends that I didn’t even know went to Moorpark.”

ASMC hosts meetings that are open to the public every Wednesday at 7 p.m. More information regarding ASMC and discussed events can be found through their LinkTree.