Moorpark Womens Soccer draws against Pierce with a scoreless match


Moorpark Freshman Forward Riley Tripp advances the ball downfield to apply pressure on the opposing defense. Moorpark had many shots on goal but nothing came to fruition in the points department as Moorpark would draw with Pierce 0-0 on Oct. 22, 2021, CA. Photo credit: William Osborne

By William Osborne

Moorpark Women’s Soccer returned home to face Pierce College in a tough match that led to a 0-0 draw between the two teams.

The Oct. 22 game was heavily physical with an emphasis on both Moorpark’s and Pierce’s defenses holding down the fort. Both teams had plenty of opportunities to steal this game away from one another but neither team budged on the defensive side.

Moorpark Coach Kai Werring spoke on his team’s efforts for this defensive match.

“Honestly thrilled with our effort; collectively we were doing everything right and we deserved a better result than that,” Werring said. “But, at the same time, through their efforts you always want them to be more deserving of a better result.”

Moorpark’s Freshman Defender Sophia Frias led the team in shots on goal with two long distance balls. Frias spoke on her efforts to help her team in the match.

“We were definitely hustling to where we were winning the ball a good amount of the time,” said Frias. “We definitely did good with the pressure, getting it up to get those opportunities; we just weren’t able to finish them.”

Moorpark Freshman Defender Katelyn Lathrop kicks a ball out of her teams half to get the pressure off the defense. Moorpark would end up not giving up a goal against Pierce college.
Moorpark Freshman Defender Katelyn Lathrop kicks a ball out of her teams half to get the pressure off the defense. Lathrop would help her team shutdown Pierce's offense in a 0-0 draw at Oct. 22, 2021, CA. Photo credit: William Osborne

Moorpark had three shots each half, half of which were on frame, while Pierce had a total of three shots, all of which were on frame. **Moorpark Freshman Goalie Rachel Franklin had three saves while Pierce’s two goalies combined for three saves.

Moorpark had seven corner-kick opportunities in an attempt to get points on the board. Moorpark Freshman Forward Mia Nilsen-Aguilar was tasked with setting up the corner kicks for the match to help her teammates.

“We spent yesterday’s practice on them so I felt pretty confident in them,” Nilsen-Aguilar said. “Halftime was about trying to keep the team motivated because we were mostly on their side, putting our chances away, stay motivated, we keep them down eventually to score.”

Moorpark was unable to break through Pierce’s defense to score for the victory, which led to the end result being a 0-0 tie.

Moorpark will head back onto the road to face Cuesta College on Friday, Oct. 29 at 4 p.m.

**Rachel Franklin is the Managing Editor of the Moorpark Reporter