ASMC discusses ways to spread Code of Conduct information


Moorpark Reporter file photo

By Kylee Rogers

The Associated Students of Moorpark College held a virtual meeting that covered ways to spread information about Moorpark’s Code of Conduct, an ASMC shirt budget and picking a place for an Educational Excursion.

In the Oct. 20 meeting, the ASMC board unanimously voted for a $1,500 budget for ASMC apparel. Director of Public Relations Priscilla Saerang showed the new t-shirt apparel design after students showed interest in their shirts at Club Rush.

Director of Budget & Finance Abbey Austin-Wood explained how ASMC apparel can help to share who ASMC is on campus and in the community.

“The new ASMC Branded Apparel budget will create hopefully some good attention from our students and get them interested in our school and ASMC Board and find out how we all can make Moorpark College awesome,” said Austin-Wood. “We hope to also get creative with how we design the apparel. So maybe, people would like to wear some awesome ASMC swag.”

The ASMC board approved a temporary committee to help Saerang with public relations projects. They would first work on a bulletin board and future giveaways for the new apparel being made.

Later in the meeting, Moorpark College Dean of Student Learning Monica Garcia then announced that she finished updating the Student Conduct page on the Moorpark College website. The goal was to create a user-friendly design for students to know where the forms and services they had access to were.

The update was in response to last year’s Social Justice movement on campus. Garcia shared why knowing the student code of conduct is a crucial resource for students.

“It is important for all students to know that as college students, there is an expectation that they conduct themselves in a professional manner,” said Garcia. “It is also important to know, having a conduct case violation on your record can affect your future plans for transferring and in some cases, employment.”

The Moorpark College website has links to BIT Concerns, Behavior Assessment & Care, Student Conduct Complaint & Grievance and Student Code of Conduct.

BIT Concerns describes where to go if a student feels something is in the way of their education. Behavior Assessment & Care focuses on individual student behavior to balance the needs of the individual.

The Student Conduct Complaint & Grievance handbook is a complaint producer that students use to file a complaint. The Student Code of Conduct is the code of conduct students agreed to as a student at Moorpark College.

Afterward, ASMC Director of Academic Affairs Chris Ojeda discussed his ideas for an Educational Excursion or a learning experience with board members.

Director of Constitution & Standing Rules David Katz talked about why events are a great way to connect as a group.

“An extracurricular excursion is not only educational for both students and the board, but it allows for team bonding in a non-collegiate environment,” stated Katz. “A change of scenery facilitates a collaborative education from the ASBOD members, which, in the words of Mark Twain, won’t interfere with our schooling.”

ASMC hosts meetings that are open to the public every Wednesday at 7 p.m. More information regarding ASMC and discussed events can be found through their LinkTree.