9-Year-Old Professor Soborno Isaac Bari hosts “Spiritual Dialogues” zoom discussion


Professor Soborno Issac Bari answers questions during his “Spiritual Dialogues” zoom event on Feb. 19, 2022.

By Tanner Norris

At just nine years old Soborno Isaac Bari is the world’s youngest professor, in addition to being an author and receiving the “Global Child Prodigy Award” in 2020.

College is a highly decorated place with many different demographics coming together with one common goal in mind, furthering their education. Countless students found themselves participating in Zoom classes over the weekend, while 9-year-old professor Bari hosted his own.

On Feb. 19, Bari was the focal point of the “Spiritual Dialogues” journey presented by Mark Currie and Dr. Ding-Jo H. Currie on behalf of California State University, Fullerton.

Bari makes appearances at universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he teaches both physics and computer science. In addition to this title, Bari holds another record for the world’s youngest mayor, where he has been appointed in Little Bangladesh, Los Angeles.

The Zoom meeting consisted of over a hundred attendants from all over the world, including a Mandarin Translator for those attending abroad.

Bari is no ordinary nine year old, with his ambitions set high on education reform and the importance of unity amongst the human race. He goes on to explain how important it is to look beyond racial and cultural identities.

“We are all the same at heart, even though we may have our own pride, we shouldn’t let that separate us and foster animosity between us,” Bari stated, which he referred to as one of the most important things.

At the end of the discussion, Bari made time to address a flock of questions covering topics ranging from religion and physics to his future plans as a presidential candidate in the year 2048.

When asked if there was a defining moment in his life in which he realized he was different from other children, Bari took the chance to iterate the importance of equal opportunity.

“I feel that everyone is gifted in a certain subject, I thought that I was pretty unique, one of the only ones that had that power,” said Bari. “But I am now realizing that there are millions of other children who have that talent, and as I said before they are probably being ridiculed for doing something different.”

Bari shared his day-to-day routine, which he starts off by waking up at 5 a.m. From there he reads through the Five Holy Books before he even departs his home. Bari goes through the normal school day as a fourth-grade student surrounded by fellow children, where word has spread of his academic ability.

“Some are under the impression that I am genius, but kind of ignore it and talk to me as if I am a regular 9-year-old, and others have just recently found out rumor has it that there’s this genius kid standing in the fourth-grade class, that’s really good at math and is destroying everybody,” stated Bari.

While his life is anything atypical of a 9-year-old child he still possesses a playful nature that comes to fruition every now and then, which is further irradiated by his response pertaining to his favorite movie.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home, as I have a tendency to enjoy trendy or popular things,” expressed Bari.

Upon completing his school day he returns home where he prepares for videos, talks with his brother and rides his bicycle for 30 minutes. Any spare time after this, Bari dedicates to studying the “Theory of Everything” and polishing his mathematical problem-solving.

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti has acknowledged Bari’s accomplishments alongside countless others.

“Professor Bari, you are a brilliant physicist and mathematician, a prodigy who has been called the Einstein of our time. Not only do you do incredible work in the fields of science and math, but you are also wise beyond your years,” states Garcetti on behalf of the county of Los Angeles.

Bari, the youngest professor in the world, has a long way to go before he can legally operate a vehicle or officially participate in the presidential election but it can be expected Bari will be doing everything he can to prepare for when the time comes.

To view the full Zoom discussion, click here. For more information about Bari, visit his Youtube channel where he uploads content covering history and math lessons including vlog updates on his life.