TikTok star and fellow Raider, Mahak Hamid, teaches heels class to student dancers


Moorpark College’s Student Dance Association members rehearse the first 20 seconds of Mahak Hamid’s heels routine on Oct. 11, 2022. Photo credit: Sarah Graue

By Sarah Graue

TikTok performer and “Dancing with Myself” star Mahak Hamid made her student-teaching debut at Moorpark College’s second drop-in dance class of the school year on Oct. 11.

Hamid, a second-year film student at Moorpark College, taught an energetic 40-second heels routine to over 20 Moorpark College Student Dance Association members. The hour-long class was free for students and was Hamid’s first time instructing live.

“I absolutely love dancing in heels, and I’ve wanted to teach a class forever,” Hamid said. “I am very excited for everyone to have the chance to try something new.”

At the beginning of her drop-in session, Hamid explained why she chose Lady Gaga’s 2010 hit “Alejandro” for this choreography routine.

“Today is National Coming Out Day and I don’t know if any of you guys are queer, but Lady Gaga is an icon,” Hamid said. “This song is so upbeat but it’s not crazy fast, so it’s super easy to choreograph and learn this dance.”

Students quickly learned the basics of performing in heels, including the importance of balance and maintaining a good posture. Dancers combined unique facial and arm expressions with dynamic floorwork to add their own flare to the piece.

After only 30 minutes of rehearsal, dancers had the opportunity for their performances to be filmed by Hamid’s guest videographers.

If you think Hamid looks familiar, you might have seen her while scrolling through social media platforms like TikTok. Her high-energy content composed of popular dances, “CAReography” routines and laid-back lifestyle vlogs have earned her a large following online.

Mahak Hamid, a second-year film major at Moorpark College, teaches the importance of maintaining powerful arm expressions at her heels dance class on Oct. 11, 2022. This class took place at the Performing Arts Center at Moorpark College.

Earlier this year, she was even featured on NBC’s new competitive dance show “Dancing with Myself.” Hamid recalled the swift transition from making dance videos to suddenly being on national television.

“I had never competed in my life; I couldn’t afford competitive dance and company classes as a kid,” Hamid explained. “The first time I ever got to compete in a dance competition was in front of 20 million people on NBC, which I think is really cool.”

Although Hamid missed out on training as a young dancer, she is now attending Moorpark College’s drop-in classes to explore different styles of dance and define her niche as an instructor.

“This is one of the only schools I know, including UCs and CSUs, that have open dance classes without paid admissions,” Hamid said. “We are very accepting of everyone, and you don’t even need dance experience, just come and vibe.”

Hamid’s class also inspired students to get out of their comfort zone and try a heels class for the very first time, such as second-year dance major Jade Barth.

“I have never taken a heels class before and I have been dancing my whole life, so I am so excited to be here,” Barth said. “This is the best place to be in terms of trying new things because it’s such a wonderful community of people.”

To view Hamid’s full video of the class click here. To pre-register for future drop-in dance classes, click here.