Moorpark College’s Raider Central Basic Needs celebrates rebranding


Students of Moorpark College celebrate the rebranding of Raider Central Basic Needs along with food themed decorations on April 17, 2023. Photo credit: Jeise Rogel

By Jasmine Hallack

Recently, Moorpark College’s Raider Central Basic Needs student services department reintroduced themselves by inviting students to their rebranding party.

As stated on their website, RCBN is a program that provides resources to help Moorpark College students meet their basic needs so that they can focus on their education. By assisting students with food, housing, etc., RCBN seeks to close the barrier between learning and student wellbeing.

RCBN’s rebranding party was held in the Moorpark College cafeteria on April 17. Students who attended were provided with food and live entertainment as well as merchandise that featured the updated Raider Central logo.

RCBN Specialist Dr. Khatira Assil Tarvirdian spoke about the purpose of the rebranding party and why it is necessary for students to be aware of the services provided by RCBN.

Raider Central Basic Needs Specialist Dr. Khatira Assil Tarvirdian speaking with students on April 17, 2023.
Raider Central Basic Needs Specialist Dr. Khatira Assil Tarvirdian speaking with students on April 17, 2023. Photo credit: Jeise Rogel

“What we’re looking to do also is kind-of promote that it’s not just a food pantry,” Tarvirdian said. “We are looking at helping in different aspects of having housing resources. We’re also providing a lot of referrals for mental health and wellness.”

With most of their systematic rebranding goals already being implemented, RCBN is striving to make sure the student services process for both students and faculty more efficient and organized.

Farhang Dadfar, a student ambassador for RCBN, explained how RCBN previously operated and what students should expect from the new changes.

“[Students] used to come inside the pantry and grab the food, but now we have a system,” Dadfar said. “We capture the 900, there’s a limit to the food, but also what we’re trying to do is to break down the stigma of the food pantry. It’s not just people in need who need the food, every student needs to have nutritious food.”

Jasmine Nichols, also a student ambassador for RCBN, discussed the eligibility requirements for accessing the center’s services.

“You’d basically just have to show us either your student schedule bill or student ID and we’ll go ahead and put it in the system,” Nichols said. “As long as you’re taking one unit, you’re able to get those resources.”

Tarvirdian also shared multiple ways for students to reach out to RCBN to receive support.

“Students are able to either come by Raider Central itself, email or give me a call,” Tarvirdian said. “We typically make it a simple process for the student, and whatever is most convenient. So they’re able to get ahold of us in any way, whether it be our Instagram, email or phone number, but I’m always available to any student to make sure they’re able to access aid.”

Students interested in learning more about the resources available to them through RCBN can visit Tarvirdian at Room 147 of the Campus Center or call 805-553-4120 to schedule an appointment.