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A year after Borderline, the Healing Arts Festival helps students to recover

Students were given the opportunity to express grief through art at the Healing Arts Festival on Thursday, Nov. 7 at Moorpark College.

By Madina Safdari

November 8, 2019

  One year ago, tragedy stuck Ventura County after a gunman stole the lives of 12 people at Borderline Bar & Grill. As the community grappled with devastation, the Woolsey Fire began immediately the next day prompting many of those in mourning to evacuate their homes. On the anniversa...

Fall semester Club Rush offers students the chance at joining new communities

Fall semester Club Rush offers students the chance at joining new communities

By Emily Ledesma

September 12, 2019

With the fall semester already a month in, Moorpark College classes are back in full swing and so are the Associated Students of Moorpark College. Sept. 10 and 11, ASMC hosted their annual fall Club Rush. Moorpark College students strolled along Raider Walk during the event checking out a variety...

Moorpark College Characters: A national winning speaker with a passion for civil activism

Aveista Helmandi discusses with the members of the Moorpark College Forensics team on how she won a debate tournament with her partner Kailtlyn Carpenter in parliamentary debate. Photo credit: Margot Rowe

By Margot Rowe

May 21, 2019

Avesita Helmandi, a Moorpark Colleges student, is driven by her passion to be a lawyer and a voice for the voiceless. She dedicates her time to the Moorpark College Forensics Team which spends each year competing in many speech and debate tournaments. This passion has led her to victory as a California...

Perseverance and Motivation: Why nothing can keep Calhoun off the court

Freshman Breanna Calhoun maneuvers around a Merced College defender during the CCCAA Women's Basketball State Semifinals, held at Ventura College on Saturday, March 16, 2019.  Moorpark defeated Merced, 73-68.  Photo Credit: Jace Kessler

By Robert Gonzales

May 13, 2019

When Breanna Calhoun tore her anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee, she thought she would never be able to play basketball again. “I was just crying [and] crying, it was just so emotional,” Calhoun said. Playing professional basketball seemed impossible now. A dream she had been chasing ...

‘Voices Matter’: Students give us their take on their own culture and what Multicultural Day means to them

'Voices Matter': Students give us their take on their own culture and what Multicultural Day means to them

By Student Voice staff

April 10, 2019

Multicultural Day, an annual festival designed to showcase diverse stories and experiences from a wide range of cultures, took over the Moorpark College campus Tuesday.Many instructors also use this as an opportunity for an "alternate day of instruction" to highlight lessons that are best learned from those with different experiences.

Review: Take a break from FPS’s and Battle Royales, try Ace Combat 7 instead

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is a combat flight action video game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Photo credit: Courtesy of Project Aces / Bandai Namco Entertainment

By John Louie Menorca

April 7, 2019

Getting home after a particularly rough day, some may have the desire to just sit down and play some video games. What to play? Do you really want to be tactical with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2? Or do you prefer to hop online with some friends and play a couple of rounds of Apex Legends? If your answer...

Spring Spectacular attracts hundreds of visitors on opening days

Guests filled the stands at one of the zoo's outdoor theatres for a performance by EATM's 2nd year students, on Saturday March 16, 2019. They laughed at a joke told by Elias Biaset, one of the students in the performance. Photo credit: Margot Rowe

By Margot Rowe

March 20, 2019

This year's Spring Spectacular, "Zootastic Beasts and How to Save Them," drew over 350 guests at the biggest event of the year, held at America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College. Guests were treated to some tasty food vendors, animal interactions, behind the scene tours, and endless activities. "We...

Chick-fil-A traditional grand opening sparks passions within the community

Josh Alexander cuts the ceremonial ribbon outside of his new Chic-fil-a franchise on Thursday, Feb. 21, in Simi Valley, Calif. Alexander is surrounded by his family and many members of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Danitza Romero

February 23, 2019

The first Chick-fil-A to open in Simi Valley gave locals a taste of the traditional Chick-fil-A grand opening experience, drawing a range of character from the community. The Atlanta-based restaurant has been hosting overnight campouts since 2003 and Josh Alexander, the local franchise owner, wanted...

MakerSpace kicks off their spring semester with button workshop

MakerSpace team members work together to make buttons showcasing the design of another student in the program. Photo credit: Michelle De Leon

By Alec Kamburov

January 28, 2019

MakerSpace hosted their first workshop of the semester last Friday Jan. 25, 2019. All students and faculty were welcome to attend and create their own customized buttons. The MakerSpace is here on campus to create an avenue for students to learn about new high tech gadgets that facilitate creativity of all kinds of things. They have ...

Raider Walk is full of students for the Spring semester Club Rush

Nature's Finest club president Mikyla Maglente (right) posing with other club members. Photo credit: Alec Kamburov

By Ulises Koyoc

January 23, 2019

Every semester, during the first couple of weeks of the semester, students are provided the opportunity to discover and join a variety of clubs. These clubs are student-organized and promote mainly during Club Rush. Kristen Robinson, Associated Student of Moorpark College advisor said that Club Rush...

In the wake of the tragic Borderline shooting, Moorpark College is left to process the attack on their community

Student and faculty members gathered for a vigil in the Administration building the night after the shooting. 21-year-old Moorpark college student Noel Sparks was one of the casualties in the Borderline shooting. Photo credit: Kevin Sanders

By Michelle De Leon

November 9, 2018

Just moments after shots broke out at Borderline Bar & Grill, a country nightclub frequented by college students, in Thousand Oaks on Wed. night, Nov. 7, family members and friends began to receive notifications, alerting them of the tragedy that was taking place no more than 20 minutes away. “A...

We asked Gen Zs about their thoughts on voting

By John Louie Menorca, Robert Gonzales, and Shariliz Poveda

November 6, 2018

On Election Day 2018, we asked students about the importance of voting and the issues they cared about the most. Here's what they said.