Raiders football team maintains undefeated streak after facing Valley College Monarchs


The Moorpark College Raiders set up against the Los Angeles Valley Monarchs at Griffin Stadium on Oct. 29, 2022. Photo credit: Briana Cruz

By Briana Cruz

Moorpark College’s football team went undefeated all of October and held that title even in the final stretch during their game against Los Angeles Valley College.

On Oct. 29, the Moorpark College Raiders faced off against the Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs in a high-tension game filled with highlights from both the offensive and defensive ends of the team.

Following their 74-0 record-breaking win against Pierce College the previous week, the Raiders continued their momentum into their match against the Monarchs this past weekend. The Raiders have now broken two school football records this season.

The Raiders opened the scoring with a one yard run from running back Cameron Davis; however, the Monarchs immediately answered with a ten yard punt return from Valley’s Christian Mills. Valley College added on with a 2 point conversion pass to take a two-point lead of 8-6.

However, the Raiders used their momentum to push themselves ahead for the rest of the game. After recovering a fumble from the Monarchs, linebacker Christian Cojulun scored a touchdown off the Monarch error. After taking the lead, Cojulun spoke about how he intended to keep his energy going for the rest of the game.

“I’m going to keep using my high-energy and high motor and get this [win] done for my team,” Cojulun said.

After taking the lead, the Raiders looked to be unstoppable and continued a high-offensive drive as the defense did its job. The Monarchs could not secure any more points since their 8 points in the first quarter, and the Raiders continued to accumulate more points.

The Raider’s offense had 7 touchdowns on the night, with an impressive play from wide receiver Alexander Capka-Jones. Capka-Jones received a 34-yard pass from Quarterback Bennet Johnson for the Raiders to take a 40-8 lead. Capka-Jones spoke about the energy of the rivalry game and how it felt to have secured a win while playing for a conference title.

“It feels amazing to get this win, especially when the tension is high and to win by a lot,” Capka-Jones said, “To get this win with my brothers feels amazing.”

To cap off the night, Raider kicker Daniel Burke kicked a 19-yard field goal that finished the scoring 50-8. With this win, the Raiders were now undefeated at home, have a winning streak of three and are undefeated in their conference league. These records make them prime contenders for the American Bowl game, the community college championship game.

As the season is coming to a close, the Raiders are heating up as they improve their record to 5-3 just in time to take on the Santa Barbara Vaqueros. The latter is also undefeated in the conference. Head coach Mike Stuart spoke about what needed to be done to keep the energy rolling into the final few games.

“Being a part of that small portion of teams that are continuing to play for something into November, is what we’re going to use to continue to motivate ourselves as we finish our season,” Stuart said.

The Raiders have two more games left in the season as they fight for a conference championship for the first time since 2016. They must win their next game to do so.

The Raiders are set to take on the Santa Barbara Vaqueros in Santa Barbara on Friday, November 5, at 1 pm. This game will decide who will be the conference champion of their conference league.

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