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Students, tutors and staff gather on Raider Walk to participate in Moorpark Colleges Study-A-Thon on May 7, 2024. Photo credit: Samantha Kline

Moorpark College Tutoring and Learning Center hosts Study-A-Thon as finals season approaches

By Samantha Kline May 14, 2024

As the end of the Spring semester approaches for Moorpark College, the Tutoring and Learning Center held a two-day Study-A-Thon event on May 7 and 8 to provide students with tutors and resources to help...

Students make their way to informational booths that stand out to them during Moorpark Colleges Transfer Social event on May 2, 2024. Photo credit: Natalie To

Celebrating student success: Moorpark College’s Transfer Social event

By Natalie To May 14, 2024

Moorpark College recently hosted its annual Transfer Social event, an exciting celebration honoring students transitioning to four-year institutions. On Thursday, May 2, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the...

Volunteer writes students names in Japanese at Moorpark Colleges Multicultural Day on April 9, 2024. Photo credit: Madeleine Kukucka

“Finding Joy, Discovering Connections”: Moorpark College hosts Multicultural Day

By Julianna Thevenot May 10, 2024

Last month on April 9, Moorpark College hosted its annual Multicultural Day with the theme "Finding Joy, Discovering Connections." This celebration and alternative day of learning spanned from 8:30 a.m....

Members of Wizards Club playing a game of Raccoon Sky Pirates at their club meeting on April 26, 2024 at Moorpark College. Photo credit: Natalie To

Moorpark College Wizards Club offers a safe space for all gaming enthusiasts

By Natalie To May 2, 2024

In the bustling halls of Moorpark College, a realm of magic and adventure exists within the Moorpark College Wizards Club. For those unfamiliar with this enchanting world, in its walls await thrilling...

Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt speak to the camera in a video posted to their moms_of_truth Instagram page on Feb. 20, 2023. Photo courtesy of moms_of_truth

Family vloggers: Moorpark College child development majors weigh in on the “8 Passengers” court case

By Samantha Kline April 23, 2024

On Aug. 30, 2023, Ruby Franke, a long-time parenting lifestyle YouTuber and mother of six, was arrested on six counts of child abuse. This case has encouraged Moorpark College students majoring in child...

Photo credit: via Unsplash

Moorpark College Mock Trial shapes leaders beyond the courtroom

By Nancy Powell April 17, 2024

The Moorpark College Mock Trial team was riding a wave of success two years into its founding, qualifying to the American Mock Trial Association Open Round Championship Series in 2019 before COVID-19 rudely...

Businesses line Raider Walk to speak with Moorpark College students at the Career and Internship Expo on March 12, 2024. Photo credit: Julianna Thevenot

Moorpark College Career Week offers opportunities and industry perspectives for students

By Julianna Thevenot March 19, 2024

The Moorpark College Career Center held its annual Career Week from March 11-15. The featured event, the Career and Internship Expo, gave students the chance to network with a variety of employers. Students...

Lizette LomelĂ­ gives a student guidance on best resume practices at the Resumania event in the Moorpark College library on March 11, 2024 in Moorpark, CA. Photo credit: Matthew Camacho

Career Week 2024: “Resumania” encourages students to jump into the workforce

By Samantha Kline March 15, 2024

On March 11, Moorpark College hosted "Resumania," the first event of Career Week. Students hoping to improve their resumes headed to the Writing Center on the library's third floor, sat down and got to...

The hallway that leads into the Moorpark College Student Health Center located in the Administration Building. Photo credit: Belle Aguirre

Moorpark College Student Health Center aims to provide accessible, affordable healthcare for students

By Belle Aguirre and Pierre Michelet March 14, 2024

In a time when health services are extremely expensive, Moorpark College understands that many of their students aren't in a place financially where they can afford certain health programs.As a solution,...

Moorpark College English professor Tamarra Coleman reading original work at her Black History Month event on Feb. 28, 2024. Photo credit: Moorpark College

Black History Month 2024: English professor Tamarra Coleman recites original poetry from self-published book “The Constant Sweetness Within”

By Belle Aguirre March 8, 2024

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Moorpark College students and faculty closed out Black History Month 2024 with a live reading showcase from faculty member Tamarra Coleman titled "The Power of Our Stories: Activism,...

Dr. Franklin Ellis presenting to attendees at his 2024 Black History Month event at Moorpark College on Feb. 26, 2024 Photo credit: Luis Rivera

Black History Month 2024: Being Black on campus: An open discussion with Dr. Franklin Ellis

By Luis Rivera March 8, 2024

On Feb. 26, Dr. Franklin Ellis, a specialist in multicultural counseling, came to give a talk to Moorpark College on what it meant to be Black on campus and asked introspective questions to the attendees...

Jamaal Brown, 41, delivers a presentation on Black History to help educate students at Moorpark College on Feb. 14, 2024. Photo credit: Carson Ryan

Black History Month 2024: Black365 founder Jamaal Brown hosts historical presentation and knowledge bowl

By Virydiana Gonzalez March 3, 2024

Jamaal Brown, a historian and founder of the Black365 organization, was a guest speaker at Moorpark College on Wednesday, Feb. 14. Brown discussed his childhood, his role as a public speaker and gave a...

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