Review: Take a break from FPS’s and Battle Royales, try Ace Combat 7 instead

John Louie Menorca

By John Louie Menorca

Getting home after a particularly rough day, some may have the desire to just sit down and play some video games. What to play? Do you really want to be tactical with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2? Or do you prefer to hop online with some friends and play a couple of rounds of Apex Legends? If your answer is a “not really,” picking up Ace Combat 7 is the choice for you.

It’s a refreshing change of pace, instead of dropping from the sky and looting for guns on the ground, you get to hop into a high-tech warplane and soaring through the skies watching a view that is rarely seen from the ground. Whether it be clear blue, grey storm, or black night, the sky is literally the limit. Lose your mind in the beautiful graphics, relaxed arcade-style gameplay, and maybe even enjoy the awesome soundtrack mid-dogfight.

Check out the video review for my full first impressions on the game.