FLeX Club kicks off the semester with a game of ultimate frisbee


Kyle Innocenti attempts to block a pass from Brock Cushings, Moorpark faculty member, during the game of ultimate frisbee on Thursday, Oct. 3. The FLeX program hosted the game at Griffin Stadium. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Kaylin Matzner

Thursday, Oct. 3, the Fitness Learning Experience Club, also known as the FLeX, met for the first event of the semester; a game of ultimate frisbee. Over 20 players and FLeX club members gathered around at 7 p.m. at Griffin Stadium.

The FLeX club provided pizza for the players to enjoy. April Hastings, the FLeX Club event coordinator, said the club will provide pizza during every ultimate frisbee game.

Ultimate Frisbee.jpg
Kyle Innocenti aims a throw downfield during the ultimate frisbee game on Thursday, Oct. 3 at Griffin Stadium. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

Jonathan Turziano, a Moorpark College Exercise Science student, founded the FLeX club in spring of 2011 with the support of Jeff Kreil, current FLeX Club advisor and Kinesiology instructor.

“Since I was in the exercise science program, I always kind of felt like a lot of clubs have a program that they are attached to,” Turziano said. “Fitness was kind of a new program on campus and it did not really have a big following yet, which was also the hardest part about trying to start up a club.”

David Le, Moorpark College fitness specialist intern and FLeX club treasurer, stated that frisbee is a fairly low-impact sport which allows people of all athletic abilities to participate.

“The ultimate frisbee game is just for fun,” said Casey Proulx, third-year Moorpark College student and FLeX club member. “We usually just form teams on the spot and play against each other.”

Turziano expressed how Jeff Kreil is the reason the club members were able to begin playing ultimate frisbee in 2011. Ultimate became a way for the FLeX club to bond and also gain relationships with students who aren’t currently members.

“Frisbee has always been one of our staple events, and we have always done things like this where we have different workshops where people can come to practice to learn how to do it and also to play games,” Cassese said. “It is something that we do every semester and we try to have it at least once a month so that we can get the club together to participate and also get people who aren’t a part of the club to come hangout and meet new people.”

Ultimate Frisbee_1.jpg
FLeX Club advisor and Exercise Science Instructor, Brock Cushman, leaps to intercept a pass to April Hastings, the FLeX event coordinator, during the ultimate frisbee game on Thursday, Oct. 3. The game was held at Griffin Stadium. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

Cassese hopes anyone who joins the club is able to be more comfortable with fitness, regardless of current athletic abilities.

“There are talks that ultimate frisbee is going to become a fitness class and Brock Cushman will be teaching it,” Cassese said. “It is in the works, and hopefully within the next year or so it will be on the class list.”

The FLeX club meets once a month. For students interested in joining contact FLeX through their Facebook or Instagram accounts.