Kristen Robinson: Guiding students on their journey to success


Kristen Robinson presses a sticker to chest while speaking with ASMC members on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Robinson assists associated students in hosting Tuesday Bluesday on Raider Walk. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Jennifer Ojeda

Kristen Robinson is the Director of Student Activities at Moorpark College. Robinson’s role is to assist students as they navigate their way through student life at Moorpark.

Robinson explains what brought her to become a Student Activities Specialist and the drive behind her initiative.

“This job is the perfect combo of all of my interests,” Robinson reminisced, happy about being on staff at Moorpark for two years now.

Also an alumni of Ventura County Community College, she realized while meeting with a counselor just how fulfilling the job could be and immediately asked what was required to obtain the position.

“I’ve known since I was 18 that I felt it [counseling] would be an environment that I would like,” Robinson stated. Her curious nature makes her uniquely passionate about her job.

In order to make her dream career a reality, Robinson transferred and earned her bachelors degree and at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Following that, she went to graduate school at California Lutheran University and got a Master of Science in Counseling and Guidance, with an emphasis in College Student Personnel.

While attending UCSB, Robinson interned at CLU as a speed counselor where she realized just how impersonal counseling could be. She didn’t enjoy the routine of helping students come closer to their goals and then losing touch with them. Robinson was determined to get to a place where she could watch student growth and develop connections, which led to her working at UCSB as the Director of Environmental Activities for nearly a decade.

When Robinson was offered a position at Moorpark College, she was interested in it because it appeared to combine everything she was passionate about.

“… This job seemed like a good merging of getting to coach students and also getting to do what I wanted to do … find and identify their strengths and to develop experience and skills that’ll align with their goals,” expressed Robinson.

Robinson took the position despite enjoying her time at UCSB. Robinson remains connected to environmental issues and practices sustainability in her personal life.

Currently Robinson spends her time advising the elected Board of Directors that make up the Associated Students of Moorpark College. Together they coordinate student activity on campus and help host events like Club Rush and De-Stress Fest.

Robinson has developed personal relationships with her students and watches their growth everyday as she guides them through both academic and personal challenges.

The enthusiasm she holds is evident to her students, who always notice her contagious smile and bubbly personality.

Kristen Robinson_2.JPG
Kristen Robinson poses for a portrait at her desk in the ASMC offices on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

Jordan Ross, director of public relations for ASMC observes what it is like to work beside Robinson, “… [Robinson] is very educated in what she does … she’s passionate about it.”

Despite her packed schedule, Robinson always finds time to encourage students to get involved on campus and provides them the necessary information needed to answer their questions.

James Schuelke, director of institutional advancement and marketing, appreciates the work that Robinson puts in with students.

“It’s really helpful for students to have Kristen helping them quickly and efficiently find their voice and find their footing and helping them advocate for the things they wanna see on campus,” expressed Schuelke. “She does a great job at helping mentor and guide students rather than instruct or dictate to them.”

ASMC President Wyatt Robert Endres works with Robinson daily and has experienced first hand what makes her leadership unique.

“She sees the students eye to eye, she doesn’t look down at us … I really appreciate that but at the same time she is very knowledgeable and competent. She does a good job at like allowing us to be our best selves at our job,” Endres said.

Entering a third year as a Student Services Specialist, Robinson has accomplished a great deal by leading student activities. However, her efforts are continuously providing vital services on campus.

Robinson is continuously thinking of her students and how she can help prepare them for the world that they live in.

“I think we have a surprising number of students who experience food insecurity, housing insecurity, who don’t know how they’re going to get here on a daily basis,” emphasized Robinson. “And I really think it would be fantastic if we could have just sort of like a one stop shop where students knew they could go to for reliable up to date information for resources related to those things.”