Moorpark Reporter SportsCast Episode 6 – NBA draft, Kim Ng and a weekly NFL roundup


Moorpark Reporter SportsCast Episode 6

By Danny Stipanovich

In this week’s episode of the Moorpark Reporter SportsCast, Mitchell Ross, Kennedy Collier and Danny Stipanovich tease resident Texans fan and newest co-host, Max Clark, go over an exciting Week 10 in the NFL and the sudden NBA offseason and Draft.

Ross, Collier, Stipanovich and Clark salivate over Kyler Murray’s game-winning Hail “Murray” over the Bills, break down who deserves the most credit for the Rams’ victory over the Seahawks and share their thoughts on the latest hiring of Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng, the first-ever female general manager in baseball.

In the second half of the show, the sportswriters discuss the best landing spot for James Harden, how Milwaukee can take the next step to a championship and debate if LaMelo Ball will boom or bust in the NBA.

Check out the full episode on YouTube for all of that and more.