Moorpark women’s soccer shuts out Cerro Coso in a 5-0 blowout


Moorpark Freshman Riley Tripp jumps in front of the ball to stop Cerro Coso’s advance during the home game on Tuesday, Aug. 31, in Moorpark, CA. Moorpark College defeated Cerro Coso 5-0 in their second game of the season. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

By Ryan Bough

Moorpark’s Women’s Soccer team won their second game of the preseason against the Cerro Coso College Coyotes in a 5-0 blowout after dominating their first game against Imperial Valley last Friday.

The teams continued to play at Arroyo Vista Community Park, since the Moorpark College soccer fields are still under reseeding and repair operations. Moorpark Women’s Soccer Head Coach Kai Werring spoke on his team’s performance.

“The team did great,” said Werring. “We kept the ball really well. I think the one thing, again, is just kind of being more precise and technical in our finishing. But other than that, energy was good, communication was good. A lot of positives to take as we move forward.”

Cerro Coso goalkeeper Kenya Tabudlo jumps up to stop a shot during the women’s soccer game on Tuesday, Aug. 31, in Moorpark, CA. The Moorpark Raiders fired over 42 shots at the Cerro Coso Coyotes’ net. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

The Raiders’ offense was just as unrelenting and unforgiving in this game as in their last. According to Werring, about 42 shots were taken on the Coyotes’ net, but the Coyotes’ pack leader, goalkeeper Kenya Tabudlo, stood her ground, only allowing a small fraction of the shots to reach the back of the net.

“…Their keeper had an outstanding game, so kind of hats off to her as well,” said Werring.

An extremely strong offense wasn’t the only thing mirrored from the Raiders’ first game. In both games, a defender scored. Sophomore Sydney Zeto sunk the first shot of the day off of a corner kick.

“We have a really great defensive unit in the back, and we always want to get our little share of glory up top,” said Zeto. “We haven’t had to do much in the back, so we also want to get in on the action up top.”

Moorpark sophomore Mia Nilsen-Aguilar winds up a kick while being pursued by the Cerro Coso defense during the home game against the Cerro Coso Coyotes on Tuesday, Aug. 31, in Moorpark, CA. The Moorpark Raiders were 2-0 in the preseason after the 5-0 win against the Coyotes. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

Of the five goals that powered through the Coyotes’ defense, two were scored by Moorpark’s Mia Nilsen-Aguilar.

“I definitely think that we passed the ball a lot better going forward,” said Nilsen-Aguilar. “We didn’t just kick it and run. I think we communicated a lot more and made more creative decisions for more goal opportunities, more corners, and just more stats offensively than last game.”

Moorpark College went on to lose 0-2 against Taft College on Wednesday, Sept. 1 and they will play next at an away game on Friday, Sept. 3 against Los Angeles Valley College.