The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories provides players with new content along with a few shortcomings


Image provided by EA

By Ali Wire

The Sims 4 released their newest downloadable content pack My Wedding Stories. The pack will feature different marriage-themed objects, a new world for Sims to live in, pre-wedding events, new pre-designed characters and new storylines centered on romance and nuptials.

The new Sims world, Tartosa is a seaside town covered in warm sunset tones. On Wednesday, Feb. 23 players can move their Sims into residential lots, prebuilt homes, or rent out vacation homes for a temporary stay. Tartosa also features a lounge, a wedding venue and two premade Sims family homes.

Players can now customize their weddings by deciding what they would like their Sims to wear for their big day, along with the wedding venue, menu and schedule. New social events have been added for pre-wedding celebrations including prenuptial parties, family celebrations and rehearsal dinners. Sims are also able to engage in new socialization actions such as enthusing about their weddings, expressing doubts and even asking other Sims to be in their wedding party.

Additionally, new items are available in the Create a Sim and Build/Buy Mode category. Players can find a wide arrangement of new formal wear, hairstyles, jewelry and much more in their character customization. Over 70 new items have been added to the Build/Buy mode such as new dance floors, floral arrangements and wedding arches.

However, the pack is still experiencing a wide amount of bugs. Players have reported that they are unable to call off Sims weddings once they have started, which has always been a base game feature. While it may generally not be the desired outcome in weddings, players may find it bothersome with any non-committal Sim romances they have planned.

Along with this bug, several players have reported issues of Sims not following mapped paths while walking down the aisle or baby Sims spawning onto lots on the wedding day. While the Sims has already pushed out one initial update, it still has yet to patch these ongoing issues. The Sims team recently acknowledged all current bugs in a blog post and aim to fix all of them within the next few weeks.

This pack places particular emphasis on the message of equality, featuring a pre-designed LGBT Sim story. The Sims team introduced the couple, Dominique and Camille, in the pack’s trailer and are available to play in-game.

In its initial preview, The Sims team announced that this pack would be available to all players worldwide except in Russia. This decision was made because due to federal laws, many of the stories would have to be changed in order to be sold. The Sims team would later reconsider their decision due to the criticism from the Sims community and posting an update to their former statement.

Several gender-fluid scenarios have been included in the wedding events including the “Bach” party, The Sims’ gender-neutral solution to deciding between a bachelorette or bachelor. Rainbow-colored bridal gowns and suits have additionally been added into the game to embrace queer culture.

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories is available to purchase on the Sims 4 official Website.