Moorpark College’s Fall Club Rush inspires students to build new connections


Moorpark College students interact with club representatives lining Raider Walk at the Fall 2022 Club Rush. This semester’s Club Rush took place on Sep. 19 and 20. Photo credit: Sarah Graue

By Sarah Graue

This past week, over 30 student clubs and service booths gathered on Raider Walk to promote their campus groups at the Fall 2022 Club Rush.

Associated Students of Moorpark College hosted this event on Sept. 19 and 20, intending to unite Moorpark College students with active clubs on campus. Students visited numerous booths and met with board members handing out flyers and club merchandise.

ASMC Director of Student Organizations Sergio Mendieta spoke about how Club Rush pushes students to get involved on campus.

“Club Rush gives students the opportunity to meet other people with the same interests, and for students to really discover what they might or might not be into,” Mendieta said. “We also have a lot of Guided Pathways and student support services present too, so students can get a feel of services that reflect the college.”

The ASMC booth partnered with the Moorpark College MakerSpace so that students could become aware of the various equipment the facility provides such as industry-level software, 3-D printers, and crafting supplies.

“ASMC was able to get funding to provide students with a tote bag activity funded by the MakerSpace,” Mendieta said. “We like to do a lot of collaborations with them, considering MakerSpace is one of the more prominent services the college has to offer.”

Along with personalized tote bags, students were invited to enjoy a free meal at one of the two food trucks present at the event on the condition that the students visited at least three student clubs and one student service booth.

Members of ASMC create free personalized tote bags for club rush participants using equipment provided by the Moorpark College MakerSpace on Monday Sep. 19, 2022. As with previous years, this semester’s Club Rush took place on Raider Walk. Photo credit: Sarah Graue

This campus-wide event also encouraged clubs to amplify their message and helped them reach out to students that can positively benefit from their organization.

Hafsah Syed, co-president of the Women in Engineering, Math and Science Club commented on the career development opportunities the club offers.

“We allow everyone to come together to find people in the same STEM major, and meet with different professionals within your field,” Syed explained. “You can also find available job positions by networking with other members.”

Nature’s Finest Club members advertised their drive to cultivate both a beautiful garden and a strong sense of community on campus. Vice President Mia Caputo explained the significance of in-person networking for clubs, which was previously inaccessible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we were fully online, it was really hard to get the ball rolling sometimes,” Caputo said. “Now being able to talk to someone face to face can help relieve the anxieties or hesitations they may have about joining a new club.”

Caputo also elaborated on the importance of club rush for first-year students at Moorpark College.

“A big thing we wanted new students to know is that no matter what your interests are or what your capabilities are, you totally have a spot in the outdoors and you have the right to be here.”

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