Moorpark College launched its celebration of Latinx Heritage Month with a Folklorico Mexico performance


Folklorico Mexico dancers express their cultural traditions in Moorpark College quad area. This Latinx Heritage Month celebration took place on Sept. 20, 2022. Photo credit: Sarah Graue

By Andres Garcia

Folklorico Mexico, a dance troupe, recently performed at Moorpark College in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month which began on Sept. 15.

The group’s performance was held in the Moorpark College quad on Sept. 20 and featured numerous entertainment demonstrations that showcased Hispanic and Latinx culture. Performers donned traditional Mexican dresses and Moorpark College students presented a preview of the upcoming school play, “Electricidad”, during the end of the Folklorico show.

This event overlapped with the second day of Club Rush. Many of the students and faculty exhibiting their clubs made their way to the quad area to get food from nearby food trucks and enjoy the performance while they ate.

The performance of the group lasted over three hours and was made up entirely of traditional Mexican dances and music, with each member wearing colorful Veracruz dresses.

The performance of the group was met with applause and celebration as students commented on the importance of both the performance and of Latinx Heritage Month.

Azure Heirshberg, VCCCD Student Trustee and second-year Moorpark college student found the performance to be impressive, and he honed in on the importance of celebrating Latinx or Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Culture is very important to people, it dictates how we act,” Heirshberg said. “A lot of our values are built in our culture. It brings life to campus, culture brings life.”

Mary Poitier, the regional affair director of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, explained how she felt represented in the community by Folklorico Mexico’s performance.

“I really enjoy this,” Poitier said. “I love the cultural experiment of bringing people together, of honoring Hispanic Heritage Month and also celebrating my connection to my Hispanic roots.”

According to Data USA, the student population of Moorpark College is 38% percent Latino or Hispanic. Since the Latinx community comprises a significant portion of the campus demographics, events honoring Latinx culture and heritage are met with significant support and appreciation.

Monique Natividad, a second-year student at Moorpark College, mentioned how she felt empowered and moved by Folklorico Mexico’s performance and expressed how much the cultural display meant to her as a Mexican woman.

“I think that this event shows that it is really important to stay in touch with your culture,” Natividad said. “It made me feel empowered not only as a Mexican but as a Mexican woman.”

Moorpark College is hosting Latinx Heritage Month events up until Oct. 12. To learn more about the upcoming events and how to participate, click here.