Live streaming platform “Twitch” is holding its first convention in the US since the pandemic


An audience watches a pictionary game being played by multiple creators, including Ranboo and Crumb, at a VidCon convention on June 26, 2022. VidCon is similarly structured to this year’s TwitchCon in San Diego, CA. Photo credit: Teagan Davidge

By Teagan Davidge

The live streaming platform Twitch is hosting its first convention in the United States since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The convention, which started Friday, is being held at the San Diego Convention Center until Sunday, Oct. 9. The event is expected to bring together viewers and creators from across the world for multiple days of excitement.

Since its inception in 2015, TwitchCon has featured games, meet and greets, community panels, musical performances, interactive sessions, multiple expo halls and more. It seems that with all these opportunities, there is no room for a dull moment.

Record breaking attendance is expected as tickets for this year went on sale Aug. 3, and sold out completely on Oct. 3. All ticket holders are required to have a registered Twitch account, which is free on the site.

Twitch is adamant that the function will be enjoyable for each person in attendance, no matter their age or the type of content they enjoy.

“From make-up tutorials to Creator Camp curriculum to improv classes, there’s truly something for everyone,” TwitchCon’s website stated. “We want TwitchCon to be a place where our entire community can come together and celebrate each other.”

Twitch is a video live streaming website primarily used by video game content creators. However, music broadcasts, vlog-like streams and many other creative endeavors are also showcased on the site.

The network brings in 2.58 million concurrent viewers on average after a major spike in its usage over the 2020-2021 pandemic period. This spike makes sense as the platform was able to provide viewers a sense of togetherness that was not often missing due to the lack of in-person events at that time.

Twitch’s first convention post-pandemic took place in Amsterdam, July 2022. The event was a huge success for European creators and fans; so much so, that the platform has brought the convention to the United States for a second round.

Originally, masks and vaccines were not going to be required for this occasion. However, after receiving immediate backlash from the community, the regulations were altered.

Masks are required in all indoor spaces and all attendees are required to provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of attendance.

For more information on TwitchCon, click here.