ASMC welcomes students back to campus for Spring 2023 semester

The Moorpark College cafeteria filled with students during ASMCs Welcome Back Event on Jan. 9, 2023. Photo credit: Jasmine Hallack

The Moorpark College cafeteria filled with students during ASMC’s “Welcome Back Event’ on Jan. 9, 2023. Photo credit: Jasmine Hallack

By Jasmine Hallack

The Associated Students of Moorpark College kicked off the Spring 2023 semester with a ‘Welcome Back Event’ event for new and returning students.

The event was held in the cafeteria on Jan. 9. ASMC and other Moorpark College student services such as Raider Central, the Child Development Center, and the Career Transfer Center were readily available to connect with students at the event.

To further engage student participation, ASMC offered two chances to win a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Lite. ASMC sweatshirts and hats were also given to students who participated in the event.

ASMC also provided free meal tickets to the Habit Burger Grill food truck parked on campus as well as a photo booth for students looking to capture their return to campus.

The ‘Welcome Back Event’ was planned to take place in the quad area; however, because of inclement weather, the location was changed to be held indoors in the cafeteria.

The rainy weather did not seem to dampen the overall mood of the event. The energy inside the cafeteria was positive and uplifting to many students, including Becca Zalmanowitz.

Zalmanowitz, a psychology major at Moorpark College, shared that her favorite part of the event was getting to experience a sense of community.

“It’s pretty cool to just see this environment,” Zalmanowitz said. “I can’t tell if it’s because of the rain that we’re all inside here or because of the event itself, but either way it’s kind of like a community and you can just see it, the full picture now.”

The first day back to campus is often nerve-wracking for students, especially those new to Moorpark College or those returning for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. ASMC’s ‘Welcome Back Event’ aimed to create a pleasant first experience for students joining the on-campus environment.

Sean McArthur, a third-year student at Moorpark College, said he was nervous for the first day back to the spring semester. McArthur offered advice for fellow students in the same position.

“I feel like the first day is always scary and [professors] hype up the classes and everything, but if you take a deep breath it’s usually like the second day is not that bad, then you kind of get into a rhythm,” McArthur said.

ASMC Director of Budget and Finance Abbey Austin-Wood said ASMC has more upcoming events for students to participate in, many of which will be holiday-themed.

Austin-Wood said. “We have food trucks coming, we’re going to have a Valentine’s Day event and like a bunch of other stuff,” Austin-Wood said.

On Jan. 31 and Feb.1, ASMC is set to host a Club Rush and Student Services Fair for campus clubs and organizations to connect with interested students.

Austin-Wood emphasized that one of ASMC’s top goals for the 2023 school year is ensuring student satisfaction.

“Overall for everyone of the board, we just want to make sure everyone has the best school year ever, the best time and to take advantage of every fun opportunity that Moorpark has to offer,” Austin-Wood said.

For more information about upcoming ASMC events and activities at Moorpark College, click here. ASMC hosts weekly meetings every Monday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the ASMC Conference Room. To join these meetings over Zoom, click here.