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Moorpark pitcher Lance Kinross winds up a pitch to a batter during the home game against the Bakersfield College Renegades on April 10, 2021 at Moorpark College. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

Opinion: Performance-Enhancing Drugs leaves Bonds and Clemens out of the Hall of Fame

By Nathan Hafner February 21, 2022
The Baseball Hall of Fame vote has once again come in 2022. In his first year of eligibility, David Ortiz was the only player selected with a voting percentage of 77.9%. In their final year of eligibility, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens did not receive the required 75% votes needed to be elected to the Hall.
Artwork by Brooke Stalo

Women’s History Month Column: Stop Using Controversy to Sell

By Aleea Evangelista March 13, 2021
On the first day of Women’s History Month, the streaming site Twitch released an online campaign that celebrated “Womxn’s History Month”. The result of this, while well-intentioned for the sake of inclusivity, brought forth an emotional response from the trans community.
Image by Engin Akyurt for Pixabay

Op-Ed: Testing positive for COVID-19 during the Holidays

By Andrea Lopez December 9, 2020
Staff writer Andrea Lopez talks about her experiences with COVID-19 during the Thanksgiving Holiday.
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Op-Ed: The COVID-19 pandemic is distancing college students from their dreams

By Leslie Mendez, Public Relations Director September 16, 2020

Millennials and Gen Z are acknowledged for their efforts to bring change. This was the generation that was supposed to pull through for the nation and make a difference. How are we supposed to chase our...

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Op-Ed: Brace for impact, mental health care industry to be hit by aftermath of social isolation

By Diane Miller May 6, 2020

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has placed a hold on the lives of many, the "new normal" of physical distancing and social isolation has taken a grave effect on the mental health of Americans. Our mental...

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Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs preview and predictions

By Nick Sweis and David Reyes February 2, 2020
Staff reporters make their Super Bowl 54 picks, with full explanations of each pick and score predictions.
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‘Journey to the Savage Planet:’ A planet full of dreams

By Dominic D'Amico January 30, 2020
A planet full of dreams, but a pocket full of Grob.
The aperture of a camera opens to allow light rays to enter to a focused point, to create a crisp image seared into digital sensor or piece of film. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

A decade in photos, a world forever changed

By Evan Reinhardt December 29, 2019

In a generation raised with short attention spans and a need for constant visual stimulation, photography has been a busy industry throughout the last decade. Photos portray an honest moment in time, often...

Image courtesy of Lucasfilm.

‘Tis the season to visit a galaxy far, far away…

By Evan Reinhardt December 23, 2019

With the year coming to a close, Disney and Lucasfilm have been hard at work pushing out an assortment of Star Wars content for those interested in becoming one with the Force. Three big releases have...

The pro-life stance seems to be a minority in todays society due to increased laws allowing abortion. With little news coverage, the side many Americans still tend to agree with is left untold and unexplained. Photo credit: Kaylee Cornwall

The corruption of the pro-choice movement

By Kaylee Cornwall May 14, 2018

Ever since the ground-breaking trial of Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion has been declared a fundamental right. But in this day and age, virtually every American can agree lawmakers and the government as...

Mens basketball and football are currently the highest grossing sports for the NCAA, but these two sports also have the highest paid coaches with football making up to $11.1 million and basketball making up to $8.9 million a year. Photo credit: Ryan Ketcham

Collegiate athletes need sufficient compensation

By Ryan Ketcham April 26, 2018

Whether it's the 40 hour practice weeks or the overpaid coaching staffs, there are so many reasons these so called “student athletes” at the NCAA Division 1 level need to be compensated for...

A popular artist, Cardi B, performed at Coachella on Day 3 of the music festival in Indio, Calif. Her performance drew a huge crowd and people were amazed by her performance. Photo credit: Anthony Durate

Coachella is not worth the cost

By Darya Abbassi April 19, 2018

Pop music, scorching hot temperatures, and high fashion outfits point to one specific time of year - festival season. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a widely known three-day festival which...

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