Fernando Salinas inspires “The Read”


Guest poet Fernando Salinas at the last Read of the semester on April 16. Photo credit: Brenda Fernandez

What inspires you? A simple question that got the students minds pondering as they gathered in the library for the poetry read. On April 16, “The Read” hosted their last poetry reading of the semester on the 3rd floor of the Moorpark College Library.

Students were anything but bored thanks to guest reader Fernando Salinas. Salinas is a poet who uses imagery and acting to express his poetry. Unlike other poets, Salinas takes advantage of his entertainment diploma to emphasize meaning and emotion in his writing.

“I write to evoke emotion through intense imagery,” said Salinas.

He does so by painting a descriptive image in the readers’ head with colors, words, sounds and smells. What inspired Salinas to become a poet was his attraction towards women because he likes women, and women like poetry.

“Poetry allows you to use your gift, your power, your voice. Poetry is a doorway to ones mind,” said Salinas.

Ben Hagle, a business major at Moorpark College said Salinas inspired him to be more confident when he speaks.

“Fernando has so much enthusiasm and confidence because of his poetry, it makes him a better speaker,” said Hagle.

Salinas explained to the students that poetry is everywhere and anywhere you look, and every sound you hear.

“Anytime you communicate you’re essentially writing poetry,” said Salinas.

Salinas is currently working on a panel for artists without limits in Santa Barbara, and planning to speak at the Ventura College Earth Day.

“As a poet, I get to go out and meet people. I not only share my life but I get to hear others share their lives in perspective,” said Salinas.

Salinas left the students with one piece of advice, “Keep writing.”

Professor Wade Bradford the organizer of “The Read” concluded the reading by thanking the students for participating this semester.

“Next year I’m planning on having a variety of guests from poets to horror theme, drama and fictional,” said Bradford.

Ask yourself what inspires you and apply it. For Salinas it was as simple as the attraction towards girls that led him to the amazing poet he is today.