Chief of Police Joel Justice wants a top-ranking police department for VCCCD



After a nationwide screening, Joel Justice became VCCCD’s Chief of Police last June.

By Agustin Garcia

VCCCD Chief of Police Joel Justice says he wants to make the three campuses the safest in the United States.

Students at Moorpark College can help make their campus the safest in the county by supporting VCCCD Chief of Police Joel Justice in his crusade to keep them protected.

“Locally, to be out in the front meeting people, proactive, community-type policing, mentoring young students, things of that nature,” said Justice. “Those are really my goals as chief of police.”

Justice, who started with the district on June 9, comes to VCCCD with 29 years of law enforcement experience with the Los Angeles Police Department.

“I am honored and humbled to be the Chief of Police for the Venture County Community College District Police Department,” said Justice. “To be chief is an awesome responsibility.”

A nationwide search was conducted in order to find the best candidate that suited the needs of VCCCD, Chancellor Jamillah Moore said in an email.

“His professionalism and dedication to community-oriented law enforcement will benefit the district police force and the entire VCCCD community,” said Moore.

Board of Trustees Chairman Arturo D. Hernandez said the district has invested in security to make sure students feel safe on school grounds. Although the campuses have surveillance cameras, they do not have secure perimeters.

“Our campuses are vulnerable because they are open campuses,” said Hernandez.

Supervisor of Moorpark Police Lt. Gregory Beckley said that having Justice lead the department puts all the elements in place to make VCCCD’s police department one of the premier police departments in Ventura County.

Beckley said many of Oxnard’s citizens voiced their opinions saying they find the VCCCD’s officers more approachable than the city of Oxnard’s police. Beckley said that is the image Justice strives to achieve.

Justice, who at LAPD was responsible for directing patrols, investigations, community-oriented patrols, and administrate functions for areas with the population of around 180,000 citizens, now brings that experience to VCCCD.

“My goals are to make Ventura County Community College District (campuses) the safest campuses in the United States,” said Justice.

For the moment, his focus is to make VCCCD students are safe on their campuses.