Counseling office helps when students prepare


Jon Suarez

The counseling and express counseling services located in fountain hall provide students excellent help.

By Jon Suarez

Through out my years at Moorpark, I’ve heard many opinions about the counseling office and it all boils down to either students feel the counseling office has been incapable of helping, or that they have been extremely helpful in figuring out what students need.

A 21-year-old business major, who requested to stay nameless, said that the counseling office failed to help him figure out any information regarding his major.

“The only help they have been good for is printing me endless Assist and filling out IGETC packets every solitary time I go,” said the business major. “Why do they keep telling me what I already know?”

On the contrary, 18-year-old accounting major Emily Abrams said that her experience with the counselors have been extremely helpful. The key is knowing how to use the counseling office to your advantage.

“The express counseling is more efficient because it’s quick,” said Abrams. “There’s no need for scheduling a sit down, half-hour appointment unless you really need it. Most of the time, express counseling can help with mostly anything.”

Perhaps at times students have felt that they were not helped and robbed of their time, but I believe the counseling office is extremely helpful and should be appreciated for all the hard work the counselors, office organizers, and student workers do.”

According to the Campus Catalog 2014-2015 there are 793 students per counsels. It is up to the individual to ask the questions they need answered to get effective help.