First Inter-Club-Council meeting of the spring semester encourages club activities and spending


Kelly Ramirez, nursing student at Moorpark, takes notes during the meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16, in the campus conference room. Ramirez is the ICC representative for the Moorpark College Student Nursing Association. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Lauren Bender and Giancarlo Meccia

The ASMC Inter-Club Council held their first meeting Thursday, Jan. 16 in the Moorpark College Campus Center to discuss matters such as the Guided Pathways program, funding available from the programming committee and upcoming campus events.

Traci Allen, Moorpark College counselor, opened the meeting by presenting the Guided Pathways program goals, which are to aid students academically, financially, mentally and physically.

ICC Meeting_2.jpg
Moorpark College Councelor Traci Allen describes the structure of Guided Pathways during the ICC meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16, in the campus conference room. According to Allen, Guided Pathways is designed to help students establish their career path. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

Guided Pathways is a program intended to assist students with a clear and direct path in order to obtain a college degree on time. The program will go into effect at Moorpark College starting this upcoming fall semester. Guided Pathways will provide students with the guidance needed for specific majors.

Allen further elaborated, “But for students who want to know, ‘what do I need to do to get a business degree here at Moorpark?’ we’re going to lay it out by semester.”

ASMC Director of Constitution and Rules, Zubair Sidhu, continued the meeting by presenting the programming committee and gave an overview of the funds awarded last semester.

“So in the fall, we’ve granted a total of $41,000, almost $42,000, to a lot of different clubs on campus for all sorts of different events. The cool thing about this number is because the next slide is it’s only about 50% of the funds we’ve set aside for the total year,” stated Sidhu.

ICC Meeting_3.jpg
Zubair Sidhu, Director of Constitution and Rules, outlines this semester's ASMC budget, during the ICC meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16. According to Sidhu, ASMC only used about half of its budget last semester, opening up opportunities for more funding this semester. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

The meeting was concluded by ASMC Vice President Cecilia Nguyen. Nguyen provided the dates for upcoming campus events such as Career Week, Spring Festival, Multicultural Day, Raiders Got Talent and Earth Day.

In addition Nguyen spoke on the growing popularity of Club Rush and the newly renovated college gymnasium.

Nguyen shared her excitement in regards to the new gym and the grand opening set to take place on Jan. 25.

The next ICC meeting will be held on February 20, at 2 p.m. in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building in room 111. All ICC meetings are open to all interested students who wish to attend.