ASMC allows students to share their stories with RaiderX event


Alette Laughton (left), David Katz (center), and Abbey Austin-Wood hold glass plaques to commemorate them speaking at ASMC’s RaiderX event on March 23, 2022. Photo credit: Claire Boeck

By Claire Boeck

The Associated Students of Moorpark College held their RaiderX event on Wednesday, March 23 in the EATM building.

Inspired by the international public speaking events organized by TEDx, RaiderX allowed any student to sign up and speak about any topic they were passionate about.

ASMC Director of Constitution and Standing Rules David Katz spoke about the opportunities that RaiderX gives to students.

“Personally, I’m a big fan of public speaking, and I think it’s a great medium for students or just anyone to share ideas or experiences,” Katz said. “I know a lot of people are afraid of public speaking, but we try to provide a space that is as friendly as possible.”

ASMC Director of Budget and Finances Abbey Austin-Wood started the night as the first speaker, presenting a speech about the challenges she experiences because of her looks.

“Growing up, I always looked younger than my age,” Austin-Wood said. “Once I hit college, nobody took me seriously… they all just thought I was one of those high school kids who take college classes.”

Though despite her short stature and young appearance making first-impressions difficult, Austin-Wood holds on to her optimism.

“Hopefully my story has a happy ending,” Austin-Wood said.

Abbey Austin-Wood speaks at ASMC's RaiderX event on March 23, 2022.
Abbey Austin-Wood speaks at ASMC’s RaiderX event on March 23, 2022. Photo credit: Claire Boeck

Katz also gave a speech about accepting himself and his relationship with religion. Yamakas, or Kippahs, are small hats worn by many members of Jewish faith, and Katz often struggled with wearing them openly.

“I know that if I go around wearing this hat, I’m going to be viewed in a completely different way. I’m going to get comments, I’m going to be judged,” Katz said. “But do the judgements really matter?”

RaiderX had a total of three speakers present and a total of six audience members. But Katz, who hosted the event, was more than happy over the turnout.

“I wasn’t sure if we were going to have more than one person, which was going to be our advisor, but it turns out some people pulled through and we had a good number,” Katz said.

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