Students to kick off a new semester with return of the Student DJ Showcase


Trevor Stolz, Moorpark business student, performs his set demo during practice for the showcase on Thursday, Jan. 23, in the HSS building. Stolz is a second year student at Moorpark College. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By David Chavez

On Friday, Jan. 31 the Music Technology Program will be hosting its third Student DJ Showcase in the Black Box Theater at 7:30 p.m.

The event will feature various performers such as DJs from previous events, and new students who have come to Moorpark College specifically looking to participate in the showcase. The event will act as a chance for the musicians to show off what they’ve worked on all in one show.

The show will open up with indie-rock, and will be followed by other genres like dubstep, hip-hop, trap, future base, experimental, rhythm and blues, noise art and microhouse. Many student DJs will be sharing projects that they have been working on since last semester and debuting them for the first time at the showcase.

DJ Practice.jpg
Professor Nathan Bowen observes as music technology student Kevin Sage tests the audio equipment on Thursday, Jan. 23. Sage and other music students practiced their sets in the HSS building in preparation for the showcase. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

Nathan Bowen, director of the Music Technology program is the support system behind this showcase and the previous two.

“In terms of preparation, it’s been a lot of preparation getting ready for the show, but I would say that it’s starting to get serious,” Bowen stated.

In comparison to the DJ showcase last year, this one differs because only one, all encompassing show is scheduled.

“It’s probably going to be about a two and a half hour show, maybe a three hour show, starting at 7:30,” Bowen commented. “We’ve typically done it as a two hour slot, but we’re gonna bump up the time a little bit for this one.”

DJ Practice_2.jpg
Trevor Stolz manipulates his mixing equipment during his set demo on Thursday, Jan. 23, in the HSS building. Stolz and other musicians plan to perform a 15 minute set each. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

In addition to veteran DJs and their sets, more students are expected to take the stage this year considering new students were recruited after the previous showcase.

“So I think basically it means it’s gonna be a better show because we have everybody who performed last time,” Bowen said. “Then we are getting people who are new to it who are coming in already with performance experience.

Prizes will be awarded to the student DJs that plan to perform at the event. The crowd applause will determine which performer will win new gear. The Associated Students of Moorpark College will sponsor the event and are going to be giving away raffle prizes such as gift cards to the attendees.

Tickets that are bought online will be given a 20% discount making adult tickets $12, and students, seniors, and staff will be $8.

For more information about the Student DJ Showcase Event or any updates, follow the Music Technology Program on Instagram. Information regarding ticket sales or the venue can be obtained at the Moorpark College Box Office by contacting (805) 378-1485.