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Student rock band “Love Letter” immerses students in the Los Angeles music scene

Spirit Bonewitz (left), Julian Fricilli (middle) and True Bonewitz (Right) pose onstage at The Pour House in Monrovia, California on Sept. 1, 2023. Both Bonewitz brothers attend Moorpark College. Photo credit: Pierre Michelet

On Sept. 1, 2023, two Moorpark College students, Spirit Bonewitz and True Bonewitz, played live music for 100 people at The Pour House in Monrovia, California.

The brothers belong to “Love Letter,” a rock band that wowed the crowd with their catchy original songs and energetic stunts onstage. Being well known amongst the lesser-known rock scene of Los Angeles, “Love Letter” is adored by their few thousands of fans.

Phil Pass, an avid rock music fan, has attended several “Love Letter” performances in the heart of Los Angeles.

“Their catchy and energetic love songs can be heard being sung by the crowd from down the street at some of the venues that they play at,” Pass said. “Most of the time, the band that plays before “Love Letter” won’t really have an energetic audience, but when Spirit, Julian and True get on stage, people gather around up front, and when they start playing it just gets insane.”

Spirit Bonewitz, 18, and True Bonewitz, 19, are first-year students attending Moorpark College. Spirit Bonewitz’s major is undecided, but he has plans to get his associate degree and transfer to a four-year university where he will then choose what he wants to study. His brother, True Bonewitz, however, is studying music technology at Moorpark College and is looking forward to getting his associate degree.

Both musicians were introduced to the live rock scene through a random coincidence. A few years ago, Spirit Bonewitz found a teenager on the side of the road and introduced himself to him. The teen then said he was going to a live basement rock show and Spirit Bonewitz tagged along.

Through this, the students finally had a place where they could share their musical ideas with people with similar interests. The brothers formed the band in True Bonewitz’s senior year of high school and continued through Spirit Bonewitz’s graduation a year later where they both decided to start taking classes at Moorpark College.

The two kicked off the band with a drummer who was later replaced by Julian Fricilli. The brothers liked Fricilli’s play style and stayed in touch until Fricilli’s former band broke up, where he then joined the duo in “Love Letter.”

Moorpark College students, Spirit (left) and True (right) performing their original song “Song 4." Image courtesy of “Love Letter”
Moorpark College students, Spirit Bonewitz (left) and True Bonewitz (right) performing their original song “Song 4.” Image courtesy of “Love Letter”

When individually asked why they play music at these shows, the trio all stated that they do it because they love music, meeting new people and sharing their musical ideas with everyone who comes to watch their performances.

“The energy is just amazing and gets you pumped where you feel like you can do anything onstage,” True Bonewitz said.

The trio are greatly loved by the community as they try to get to know everyone they meet.

Ryan Miller, a first-year student at Moorpark College shared remarks on the band’s growth over the years.

“I’ve known Spirit and True for a while now, and it’s their fun and lovable energy that makes me go to their shows,” Miller said.

“Love Letter” wants more people to come to the shows, not for the business aspect, but instead to meet new people and share ideas about music.

“Meeting new people is definitely one of the best aspects about performing and being in a band like this,” Spirit Bonewitz said.” You get to interact with audience members as well as other bands who are trying to do the same thing as you.”

The trio is excited to grow their fanbase and expand their music to more audiences.

“If you ever are bored or just looking to enjoy some music and socialize with people your age, just look up our Instagram, ‘love_letter_band,’and see any future shows to check us out,” True Bonewitz said. “Come talk to us and we will definitely make sure that you have a great night.”

The trio also has a mix in the works for their new upcoming album that will be released soon. For students at Moorpark College, these shows are a great opportunity to explore new music, socialize and support fellow students while doing so.

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