Moorpark College’s Health Fair highlights medical resources for students


Venice Torres, a first-year nursing student at Moorpark College takes Micah Hojo’s blood pressure at the annual Health Fair on Oct. 4. Photo credit: Sarah Graue

By Sarah Graue

Earlier this week, Moorpark College’s Student Health Center presented the annual Health Fair, which featured over 20 on and off-campus medical services.

Sponsored by Adventist Health Simi Valley, the event took place on Oct. 4 and provided students with rapid health screenings and mental health resources. Numerous booths also engaged with students by dispersing hand sanitizers, condoms and informative pamphlets.

Darby White, the community engagement program manager at Adventist Health Simi Valley, explained the sponsorship between Moorpark College and Adventist Health for this event.

“Adventist Health sponsors the school through our various healthcare services, Student Health Clinic, Basic Needs Center and even supplying an athletic trainer for Moorpark College,” White said. “We were honored to be featured and honored at the Health Fair because we do a lot to support the school and clinic.”

White also discussed the many off-site medical resources and programs available for student athletes through the Adventist Health Urgent Care in Moorpark.

“At the Adventist Health Urgent Care location nearby, there’s a sports physical that’s discounted for anyone that plays at Moorpark College,” White explained. “We also take almost all insurances there, so it is a great resource we are promoting today for students.”

Students passing through Raider Walk were also invited to participate in wellness screenings. Organizations such as Ventura County Public Health administered flu shots, while the nursing department at Moorpark College offered health assessments.

Nursing students also took volunteers’ blood pressure. Venice Torres, a first-year nursing major was excited to utilize the skills she learned through the program.

“We have trained in our skills lab by practicing on mannequins or each other, but now we are actually applying what we have learned through our program,” Torres said. “It is a great experience for future healthcare workers and Moorpark College students.”

Torres also believes that the Health Fair allows students to become more conscious of their physical health.

“For some students, they aren’t sure of their blood pressure levels or have never had their blood pressure taken before, so we are happy to be here, giving awareness to the public,” Torres said.

Not only were students able to connect with national services such as Planned Parenthood and the Department of Rehabilitation, but they were also able to interact with community-based organizations.

Take, for example, Interface Child and Family Services of Ventura County, which strives to serve essential amenities for all. The organization’s youth specialist, Alena Ramirez, described how Interface Child and Family Services benefits local college students.

“From ages 18 to 24, we offer case management and gateway services, including hygiene products to help them feel more independent and empowered,” Ramirez said. “We also run the local branch of 211, a number you can call to connect with any service provider.”

At the Health Fair, Ramirez informed students of health insurance application and renewal workshops available through Interface Child and Family Services.

“Our Medi-Cal program makes the process a lot more manageable and approachable because you are not going through the application by yourself,” Ramirez said. “I think it’s especially important for students needing independence during that transition towards adulthood and leaving the nest.”

To find more health resources available for Moorpark College students, visit the Student Health Center or call (805) 378-1413 to make an appointment.