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Three suspects arrested in connection with Moorpark College golf cart thefts

A Moorpark College-owned golf cart parked on Raider Walk on Sept. 26, 2023 during Club Rush. Photo credit: Brianna Perez

On the night of Sept. 14, 2023, a Moorpark College-owned golf cart was stolen and driven off campus.

The golf cart, belonging to Moorpark College President Julius Sokenu, was taken after three thieves punched the ignition and used the vehicle’s power to break free from its security wire.

The three suspects, who are not students of Moorpark College, are two 18-year-old adults and one 17-year-old teenager.

The criminals abandoned the stolen vehicle on the front lawn of a house on Reedly Street and Marquette Street. The cart was retrieved the following day, Sept. 15, with minor damage after a homeowner called the police.

Shockingly, the three criminals struck again and stole another golf cart from Moorpark College belonging to the general staff on Sept. 16.

The golf carts were secured through a metal cable embedded into the concrete wall of the Administration Building and a padlock connected to the vehicle’s body. However, the thieves seized the vehicle using the same method as before – by punching the ignition and accelerating until the cable snapped out of the concrete wall.

Again, the cart was found abandoned on a homeowner’s lawn on Sept. 17. It was retrieved after a neighbor called the Moorpark College Campus Police after noticing the college’s logo on the cart.

The cart was found only around a mile from Moorpark College on Pecan Avenue before being abandoned. The golf cart only sustained minor damage but is under repair. The cart will be returned to Moorpark College staff after the repairs are completed.

On the following night of Sept. 17, the thieves attempted to steal a third golf cart from the Moorpark College campus. However, for reasons currently unknown, they could not get past the security measures bolting the cart to the wall.

Moorpark College Campus Police had a joint investigation with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, piecing together evidence to apprehend the criminals involved.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27 – almost one week after the first golf cart was stolen – three arrests were made in connection with the thefts.

Lt. Andy Huisenga of the Moorpark College Campus Police revealed information on the charges the thieves are facing.

“The two adults, who are 18 years old, are being charged with felony conspiracy to commit a crime, contribution to the delinquency of a minor, possession of burglary tools, two counts of felony California’s 10851 code of stealing a motor vehicle and attempt of stealing a motor vehicle,” Huisenga said.

Huisenga stated that the two adult felons are being booked and held at the Ventura County Jail, and the juvenile involved is being booked and held at the Ventura County Juvenile Justice.

“The juvenile involved received all the same counts except contribution to the delinquency of a minor,” Huisenga added.

This trend of stealing golf carts is not new to Moorpark College, as in the past, there have been multiple instances where people have stolen Moorpark College-owned golf carts. From late October to early November 2006, it was reported to police that three golf carts were stolen, and on Oct. 1, 2008, it was reported that the IT golf cart was also stolen from the campus.

The suspects have been apprehended and taken into custody. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department will be releasing more information at a press conference held at a later date, which has not yet been announced.

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