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Moorpark College scholarships application deadline extended to Feb. 16

Image Courtesy of VCCCD photo archive. Photo credit: Clepsy Hernandez

The deadline to apply for Moorpark College scholarships is now Feb. 16, an extension from the previous Jan. 31 deadline.

The scholarships, offered through the Moorpark College Foundation, are awarded to students as a form of financial aid, encouragement to continue their academic pursuits and recognition for students’ academic achievements.

To apply, visit the scholarship office website and fill out the application. Students must provide an unofficial transcript, reference contact information (from faculty, administrator or co-workers) and a personal statement that includes information on community service, leadership, financial status or work experience.

The website lists all the different scholarships available and students can browse across the various available options. Options include situational scholarships such as scholarships for ACCESS students, or students who are continuing their academic career in a VCCCD college. It also includes scholarships for various majors, like education, health sciences, athletics and many more.

The site will also automatically match students to the scholarships that best apply to their situation.

Moorpark College has intended to make the process as convenient as possible for the applicant, allowing one application to work for multiple scholarships and guiding them to the best options. The Moorpark College scholarship office webpage says, “One online application can lead to many scholarship opportunities. Our program auto-matches you to the scholarships you qualify for.”

Deborah Klein, the director of institutional advancement and community relations, explained that the scholarships application deadline was extended to Feb 16 to give extra time to students who hadn’t yet filled out their applications.

Klein expressed how the scholarship office’s goal is to support students, and that all students should fill out an application because of the large scholarship pool this year, and because it simply doesn’t hurt to try. These scholarships are funded by donors who want to support students and don’t have to be repaid.

“Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and the promise of future achievement, as well as additional criteria established by the scholarship donor,” states the Moorpark College scholarship office webpage.

Students strive to get scholarships as they benefit them in many ways, with the first benefit being the obvious financial help. However, the benefits go beyond that. Being awarded a scholarship can emphasize the hard work of a student.

“Students can put in their resume that they had been awarded a scholarship,” explained Klein.

Klein then added that a scholarship in an academic resume can make a student stand out in a field of applicants. They also can express a student’s expertise in a certain field, or a student’s passion for an extracurricular.

Klein also expressed that many donors of scholarship funds are beginning to allow students to use their financial aid for things beyond tuition, like paying for housing, or other academic resources.

More information on where and how to apply is available on the Moorpark College website. A direct link to the Moorpark College Foundation scholarship application is available here.

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