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A laptop screenshot of the New and Popular tab on the streaming service Netflix. Netflix recently added a Basic with Ads subscription plan to its platform.

Netflix offers viewers a cheaper subscription plan that includes ads

By Briana Cruz November 7, 2022
Last month, Netflix announced the incorporation of ads into its streaming service.
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Netflix’s Arcane, a game-changing show

By Christina Mehr and Ali Wire February 8, 2022
Riot Game’s Netflix hit Arcane is based in the world of their most popular free-to-play online games, League of Legends. Part one has been an overwhelming success, and announcements for a second season have already been released on the official Arcane Twitter account.
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Netflix’s Squid Game becomes viral sensation

By Ali Wire November 8, 2021
Korean television series "Squid Game" was released on Netflix on Sept. 17, and has slowly become a viral sensation over the past few weeks. Halloween costumes, memes and a surplus of TikToks have been shared all over the internet in lieu of the premiere.
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Netflix Series “Maid” addresses Domestic Violence Awareness Month

By Jane Walgren November 4, 2021
At the beginning of October, Netflix released a mini-series, "Maid," in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The popular series, which depicted emotional abuse occurring in toxic relationships, was inspired by the real-life story and memoir of the same name, written by Stephanie Land.
El Matador State Beach in Malibu, CA. Courtesy of Getty.

Staff Picks: The ultimate summertime kickoff list

By Rachael Thomas April 30, 2021
"Outer Banks" is a Netflix original series that will captivate its viewers through exciting teen drama; fans have been binge watching the entire series after being left on all the different cliffhangers.
Movie Review: To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Movie Review: ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’

By Rachael Thomas April 8, 2021
Movie Review of 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever' and a few college students give their thoughts on this final film to the "To All the Boys" trilogy.
Image courtesy of FX

Staff Picks: Crime, culture and poverty in the city

By Aleea Evangelista November 20, 2020
As the founder of the fashion house Versace, Gianni Versace was a fashion icon and built the brand’s empire. Versace's life was tragically ended by Cunanan and the series explores Cunanan's motive, childhood and the month that he spends in hiding from the FBI.
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