New student board has been chosen


Casey DeSain

New Vice President Mayra Contreras and new President Farshid Orak of the Associated Students Board 2014-2015 pose together after the results of the winners are revealed.

By Saffana Hijaz, Staff writer

The new Moorpark College Student Board has finally been chosen.

With a total of 329 ballots voted on, the decision came to a close at 9:35p.m. Wednesday, after all polls were closed at 8:00p.m. Almost all runners attended the pizza party held in the Campus Center from 8:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.

Filled with jitters and nerves, some members went outside to play some volleyball and get some fresh air to calm down, but the stress wouldn’t last for long.

Presenting our new Associated Students Board for the 2014-2015 school year, for President: Farshid Orak; Vice President: Mayra Contreras; Director of External Affairs: Victoria Metzel; Director of Campus Events: Andrea Mclaughlin; Director of Budget & Finance: Jesse Alcala; Director of Academic Affairs: Melvin Kim; Director of Student Constitution and Rules: Ashley Rasmussen; Director of Public Relations: Cheyenne McAlister; and Director of Student Services: Leah Evan Alicata.

Having not met all requirements, write in candidate Ashanofy Dixon has been removed from his one day position as Director of Student Organizations, now leaving a vacant position for the head of all school clubs. Associated Students may wait until next Fall to appoint a new candidate for this position.

For the newly elected president, Orak’s involvement on campus has become known well by the International Students Organization. As the President of the organization, he first brought the idea of the club to President Luskin’s attention, pointing out the lesser known fact of there being 600 international students on Moorpark College grounds.

“I was the sound for the international students,” said Orak, and now he is the sound for the student body of Moorpark College. Recognizing Moorpark students as very friendly, the international students have helped Orak a lot in the past and now he wants to give back.

A fun crowd with plenty of great ideas and potential, the open election’s voting polls expressed that one vote can really make a difference.

“What mattered to me was the fact that if I got the position, I actually care about the students,” said Alicata, the new Director of Student Services.

Even though she was the only one running for her position, she jokingly exclaimed, “I won by a landslide!”

With all positions filled, Moorpark College looks forward to their new representatives for the new year.