Opportunity knocks at the Job and Career Expo


Ciara Gallagher

Moorpark College students speak with representatives pertaining to job oppurtunities at the Career Expo on Wednesday April 23. The Career Expo is put on by the Career and Transfer Center and features several dozen companies looking to hire students for potential jobs, some even right on the spot. (Student Voice Photo/Ciara Gallagher)

By Steven Suarez, Staff Writer

Majors Awareness Week has been full of opportunities for students to explore career ideas and help solidify potential majors. Among all of the events taking place, the Job and Career Expo may be one of the many highlights that was offered.

With 50 employers including Costco, Meathead Movers, and the Fender Music Foundation, the expo was a great source of information and opportunity for anyone who participated.

“It helps people who don’t know how to talk to employers to branch out, maybe get an internship which can turn into a job,” said 18-year-old Joseph Lane, a history major. “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

Raider Walk was full of employers, from SS Motorsports and their tricked out rides at one end, to the US Military representatives at the other. Most of the employers were offering positions at their workplace either in the form of internships or employment. Getting your foot in the door is perhaps the most difficult but important part of any career, and an education isn’t the only thing necessary to get a career.

“Students need to understand that an education won’t get you very far in real life these days, experience does especially with internships in your degree,” said Travis Hess, the Director of Marketing and Sales at SS Motorsports. “You’re more likely to be hired with experience and an education than just solely an education.”

The expo was not just for current students at Moorpark College, any member of the community was welcome to come and meet with the business representatives to learn about potential career opportunities. Lisa Aguilar, a psychology major from Cal Southern University, was visiting family when she heard the expo was going to happen this week. Aguilar started her educational journey at Moorpark College and hoped to help find her younger sibling work as he too prepares for a college career of his own.

“Having all of this in one location makes it easy for students and people from the community to come and find jobs,” Aguilar said.

Perhaps the best part of the expo is that it is an alternative to online applications. For many students this expo was an opportunity to put their best foot forward without the hassle of just being an application with no face and hoping for the slim chance of getting interviewed. Employers were also able to fully explain their job opportunities and get the message across of what they’re looking for in prospective employees.

“We get to explain our programs and give people a better idea of what we have to offer as far as employment instead of just an online posting that they are going to read about,” said Haley Swenson, the Program Director of the Conejo Valley YMCA. “It’s cool to spike interests and give a face to applicants so we know who we’re talking about.”

The College and Career Expo was a great opportunity for students and residents of the area to come and learn more about potential career opportunities and hopefully find one. Majors Awareness week has been a way to give students an opportunity to turn their thoughts toward the future.

“You don’t always have 50 employers sitting in one place,” says Judi Gould, the Career and Transfer Center Coordinator. “This is an opportunity to explore some of the things that are out there.”

These kinds of opportunities are
constantly available in the Career and Transfer Center in Fountain Hall, just
waiting to be answered by anyone willing to open the door. It’s not necessarily
a commitment for today, but it’s a step towards tomorrow.