Men’s fashion at its finest-Ignatius Petilla


Associated Student’s Director of External Affairs, Ignatius Petilla proudly models his street-style look. He is branded from head to toe in a Primitive hat, Diamond Supply Co. shirt, a Gucci Belt, Kenneth Cole watch, Levi’s jeans, and Sperry shoes. Photo credit: ariana duenas

By Saffana Hijaz, Staff Writer

Dressing to impress may not be one’s first thought when waking up for an early class, but a fashionable repertoire is what economics major and Moorpark College student Ignatius Petilla holds in high regard.


Incorporating his own look into the busy life of any 20-year-old student, worker, and student government board member, Petilla has always had his own sense of fashion.


“I incorporate different looks from different places and different people,” said Petilla. Whether dressing for street, casual or formal, Petilla allows each look to have its own unique inspiration.


With idea-striking stylish magazines such as GQ and Thrasher, it is no mystery that he personifies the motto for GQ; “look sharp, live smart.”

“If I like it, I’ll wear it,” said Petilla. “I don’t really have a specific inspiration.”

Looking to GQ and skate magazines for his more all-around-style swag, Petilla has specific brands that he tends to favor over those worn by your typical T.J. Maxxinista.

For streetwear, he leans towards the more laid back skater, surfer-style with brands such as Primitive, Diamond, Undefeated, The Hundreds, and Supreme. In the spectrum casual to formal, his more high-fashion side shows with department store brands such as Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, and J-Crew.

Dressing according to his current mood and the weather, his cool persona is mirrored through his choice of look and style.

“[My style] is a more west coast kind of look, and it just depends on the season as well,” said Petilla. “I’m just all around, I really don’t have a specific style.”

Having his own style since the middle school days, this once idealistic fashion-forward 12 year-old hasn’t come short since.

“Whenever you look at someone, you are obviously gonna look at what they wear, and it already puts an image in your mind of what they are and what they’re like,” said Petilla. “I wear this cause I like it.”

However, his style is not all his own, as his mother had her own fashion face on long before the brave 12 year-old took the wheel and drove forward with his inherited sense of style. Dressing her kids in brands like Gap and Lacoste, Petilla’s mother was one fashionable woman herself.

Shifting from middle school brands such as Quicksilver and Billabong to a more college feel look with J-Crew and Hugo Boss, this stylish young man continues to express men’s fashion at its finest.

When it comes to his opinion on other guys, and whether they should care about the way they dress or not, he expressed that they should not have to care, explaining that it is their own preference. In Petilla’s opinion, guys will usually dress up and look good for girls.

For fashion advice Petilla doesn’t have much, but he gives enough to inspire all stylish folk.

“Just wear whatever they want, and if they can rock it then go for it,” said Petilla. “My most important part of a look is probably accessories, especially for the summer, they add to any outift really.”