Student government stages walkout calling for student safety


A.S.M.C. President Andrew Lopez reads off the names of the victims of the Borderline shooting. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

By Shariliz Poveda

The student government organized a walk out in response to the Borderline shooting.

Associated Students of Moorpark College (A.S.M.C.) called for elected representatives “to take action to stop senseless shootings,” and prioritize student safety. Held on Nov. 28, the protest was dubbed, “Priority #1.”

A.S.M.C. President Andrew Lopez led the event, as he was also the main supporter for this idea.

The walk out was named "Priority #1". A.S.M.C. gave out postcards for the attendees to write to their representatives. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

The event started with the reading of the names of the Borderline victims and a moment of silence for the 12 that lost their lives that tragic evening.

After the moment passed, Lopez continued by expressing his emotions towards this tragedy. He explained the urgency of asking the government to change the way these tragedies are handled, and to take more active measures to ensure the safety of students.

“We, myself included, have become desensitized to these shootings,” he told the crowd. “We have to push for a change before we become another statistic.”

Students hold hands to comfort one another as A.S.M.C. President Lopez call for a moment of silence for the Borderline Victims. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

The posters advertising Priority #1 stated that there was no call for a specific policy change or law to be petitioned. The event was to be nonpartisan. Lopez said he wants students to take action, however they choose.

“My ultimate goal was to get students engaged in conversation and [for them] to speak up,” Lopez said.

Around 600 red postcards with “Priority #1,” written on the front were passed out at the walk out. On the back, the students were encouraged to fill out their names and the name of their representative.

True to Lopez’s word, the card didn’t ask for a specific political change.

The card instead stated, “Politics shouldn’t get in the way of working towards a solution because this is a severe National Crisis.”

The postcards were designed by A.S.M.C. and asked for representatives to make students’ safety ‘#PriorityNumberOne’.

Students fill out the 'Priority #1' postcards at the walk out, urging their politicians to prioritize their safety. Photo credit: Shariliz Poveda

At the end of the event, the cards began to be collected and a booth with voter registration was available for anyone who wished to act on that right.

Oxnard College and College of the Canyons also participated in this event, holding a similar event on their campuses after being in contact with Lopez and the rest of the A.S.M.C. board.

While there is nothing planned for the future, Lopez assured the students that he would like to hold more events, where they can open the floor for students to talk about their hopes for change.

A.S.M.C. is currently in the process of printing out more cards for any students who wish to partake in this movement. Postcards are to be dropped off in the A.S.M.C. room to be mailed out.