Wendy Fire reaches 91 acres, veering south away from Newbury Park


A CAL FIRE firefighter speaks with a colleague as they watch the Wendy Fire being extinguished on Oct. 10 in Newbury Park. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

By Whitney Bussell

A wildfire broke out in the hills of Newbury Park this evening around 7 p.m. in the Potrero Road and Wendy Drive area. Multiple 911 calls reported that a fire had started on the hillside where the Ventura County Fire Department was dispatched immediately.

By 9:50 p.m. the fire was still holding at 91 acres according to a tweet made by VCFD PIO, but firefighters and hand crews were hard at work to gain the upper-hand in containing the fire.

Ventura County Fire Department aviation unit drops water and fire retardant on to the Wendy Fire in Newbury park on Oct. 10. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

Ventura County Firefighter and PIO, Andy VanSciver reciprocated positive feedback in regards to current wind conditions, “We think the winds are going to stay consistent for this … we expect them to decline throughout the evening.”

VCFD made preparations for the Santa Ana winds that are reported to reach 75 MPH in parts of Ventura County. Captain Kimo Ukauka with Station 54 explained the various strategic placements of strike teams throughout Ventura County, a type three strike team located in nearby Thousand Oaks was able to respond to the Wendy Fire immediately upon notice.

Nearby civilians gathered at checkpoints to watch the fire from a distance as it blazed through the night sky. Many of the locals that gathered had underwent evacuations during the Woolsey fire last November.

Tom and Lorie Marshall were both living in the area during the Woolsey fire last year when evacuations were mandated. Lorie Marshall expressed the nervousness that she felt as another fire approached their home yet again. However, they were reassured by the swift response of the VCFD.

Ventura County Firefighter Andy VanSciver watches as a type three strike force bulldozer is loaded onto the rig after helping contain the Wendy Fire in Newbury park on Oct. 10. Photo credit: Ryan Bough

“This is crazy when you see those bulldozers going up the hill there. They got those things out there pretty quick tonight, which is really smart,” expressed Tom Marshall.

The VCFD was well prepared for brush fires that emerged throughout the day and locals noticed. As the Wendy Fire continues to be contained, the nearby community was reassured by firefighters efforts.

In reference to how people could be better prepared for an evacuation or emergency, VanSciver stated, “I would make sure everyone gets to go to VC Emergency and register for VC Alert.”