Reign of Terror haunted house returned this Halloween season to Thousand Oaks


Image provided by Reign of Terror Haunted House

By Hannah Rios

The Reign of Terror, Thousand Oaks’s premier walk-through haunted house located at the Janss Mall has just closed for the 2022 Halloween season.

The haunted house, which took place through Saturday, Nov. 6, underwent some major changes since it was last open about two years ago, before the pandemic. A new section was also added this year to the Reign of Terror.

This new section, titled “Un-Hallowed Ground,” featured “the Monks of Pagan Scriptures”. A newly-erected chapel showcased pews and spellbinding mosaic windows. Actors dressed as monks and priests resided within. With the addition of “Un-Hallowed Ground,” the haunt then boasted 10 inter-connected sections, each with a different theme.

Reign of Terror featured live actors, several of which were Moorpark College students and alumni. Moorpark College student Summer Fitch spoke about how she became involved with acting in the Reign of Terror.

“I was actually really afraid of haunted houses when I was a kid,” admitted Fitch. “I totally fell in love with this set design of this particular haunted house; it’s amazing. You can see the hard work, dedication, thought and imagination. I wanted to learn more, so when I had a free season for it I looked them up and had my interview.”

Former Moorpark College student Corie Keane studied Theater Arts at Moorpark College and explained how her theatrical experience had prepared her for this year’s season in regards to having to wear a medical mask while in her speaking role.

Keane’s character was one of three re-cuing roles, which helped to monitor traffic by re-spacing the line throughout the haunted house at three different intervals.

“Because I have experience with projecting, I don’t really find that it’s much of a hindrance to being heard,” explained Keane. “They paint part of my make-up over it to try to make it blend in.”

Scare actor Ashley Miles shared her favorite method for scaring people this Halloween, in regards to jump-scares.

“Be fast. Be there and then gone,” shared Miles. “Once a scare is complete, there is no point in sticking around any longer. It is best to exit the scene immediately.”