New Faces, new places; NBA trade deadline sees lots of blockbuster moves


Moorpark men’s basketball in a team huddle during their game against Cuesta College on Feb. 16 in Moorpark, CA. Photo credit: Jack Newman

By William Osborne

The NBA Trade Deadline for the 2021-2022 season has passed, and with its passing teams have made moves to change their rosters for the better whether it be for this season or for the seasons to come. This year’s trade deadline was far busier compared to past years as there were a total of 16 trades since Feb. 4, 2022.

February 4th


Norman Powell (SG) ($15,517,242)

Robert Covington (PF) ($12,975,471)


Eric Bledsoe (PG) ($18,125,000)

Justise Winslow (SF) ($3,902,439)

Keon Johnson (SG) ($2,553,240)

2025 2nd round pick (DET pick)

This trade is one that works for the Clippers in a positive way as they gain a new third option in Norman Powell for the future when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George return either late this season or for the 2022-2023 season. The Clippers also received a stellar defensive wing in Robert Covington from Portland in this trade. The Clippers gained two positive additions for their roster this year and in the future from this deal from Portland, while not giving up any significant assets for their championship aspirations.

Los Angeles Grade: A

Portland was able to shed long-term contracts and get under the luxury tax with this trade in order to set up a possible offseason where they have cap space to make a play in free agency. They did acquire the former 21st pick in the first round from the 2021 NBA draft in Keon Johnson, who has the physical gifts to be a highly athletic two-way player if he develops his game further. It is possible and likely that Portland could have gotten better assets in picks or players in a different trade, but they do gain flexibility for the future from the contracts they shed from this deal.

Portland Grade: D+

February 7th


Caris LeVert (SG) ($17,500,000)

2022 2nd round pick (MIA pick)


Ricky Rubio (PG) ($17,800,000)

2022 1st round pick (lottery protected)

2022 2nd round pick (HOU pick)

2027 2nd round pick (UTH pick)

Cleveland makes their push to become the top team in the Eastern Conference by adding offensive guard Caris LeVert, who immediately becomes one of the top three options for the Cavaliers’ offense. The cost of this trade was very minimal for Cleveland with their first-round pick likely being in the mid to late 20s. First-time All-Star lead guard Darius Garland should have much less pressure to score with LeVert coming into the fold, as he can now focus more on facilitating for his teammates.

Cleveland Grade: A-

Indiana is able to get out of a lengthy contract while acquiring a couple of picks for the future. Indiana getting assets for a lengthy contract is a considerable victory for a small market team especially. The flexibility gained from this trade will help Indiana retool for future seasons.

Indiana Grade: B+

Moorpark College student Corey Mccormick gave his thoughts on the impact of this trade for the young surging Cavaliers team.

“Personally I feel this deal moves the needle for the Cavs to stay in the top-4 teams in the eastern conference,” said Mccormick. “LeVert really should shine on that roster due to being surrounded with good players to support him better than he had in his previous stops.”

February 8th


Tyrese Haliburton (PG) ($4,023,600)

Buddy Hield (SG) ($22,477,272)

Tristan Thompson (C) ($9,720,900)


Domantas Sabonis (PF) ($18,500,000)

Jeremy Lamb (SG) ($10,500,000)

Justin Holiday (SF) ($6,006,420)

2023 2nd round pick (if lands between 31-55)

One of the larger trades of the deadline due to how both franchises have changed their directions due to what they acquired. Sacramento gets their new second-best player in post scorer Domantas Sabonis. Sacramento also gained solid rotational players in Jeremy Lamb and Justin Holiday. Sabonis is the best player that DeAaron Fox has ever had as a teammate in his career thus far so the pressure on him to carry the Kings has been lifted immensely. Defensively the Kings are going to have to hide or support Sabonis in order to get the full value of him on the court. The Kings did give up a lot to make this deal as they dealt their young star in Tyrese Haliburton and their three-point sniper in Buddy Hield. Earlier in the year, the Kings were rumored to have zero interest in dealing Haliburton for players who are considered to be better than Sabonis. For them to settle as they did is something that makes this trade in the long term look negative to an extent. In the short-term view, the Kings improved and are now in a position to make a run for the Play-In tournament spot in the west.

Sacramento Grade: B-

The Pacers were able to turn their best player into a young Star in Tyrese Haliburton who can help lead them into a new direction for the future. Indiana has flexibility going forward to trade for potential assets and build around its core which is mostly locked up.

Indiana Grade: A-

Former Moorpark College student Nick Cerino gave his thoughts on the deal between the Kings and Pacers.

“I honestly can’t believe that the Kings would deal Haliburton like they did, after all the rumors that they wanted to build their team around him,” said Cerino. “I feel like this move set back the Kings rebuild and future; they will definitely regret trading Haliburton.”

February 8th


2026 2nd round pick (NOP or POR pick, more favorable)

Josh Hart (SG) ($12,000,000)

Nickeil Alexander-Walker (SG) ($3,261,480)

Tomas Satoransky (SG) ($10,000,000)

2027 2nd round pick

2022 1st round pick (NOP pick, Top-4)

Didi Louzada (SF) ($1,786,878)


Tony Snell (SG) ($1,669,178)

Larry Nance Jr. (PF) ($10,690,909)

C.J. McCollum (SG) ($30,864,198)

Portland has made another deal in their efforts to retool their roster for the future; longtime guard CJ McCollum has been finally dealt out of Portland to play for New Orleans. In return, Portland received a package of players and picks that provide them with future flexibility and depth for their team. Two-way guard Josh Hart is an above-average role player that should help Portland be competitive. Nickeil Alexander-Walker is an intriguing athletic scoring guard who still has some upside to develop into a player that can be impactful. He was later dealt again during the deadline by Portland to gain more assets. Portland also acquired a first-round pick that can go in the lottery this year due to the uphill battle New Orleans faces to make the playoffs. This trade ends an era for Portland where both McCollum and superstar Damian Lillard were a strong offensive backcourt duo, but Portland now has much more flexibility by making this deal.

Portland Grade: B+

New Orleans now has gotten their newest star, CJ McCollum, to add to their young roster. New Orleans also acquired athletic forward Larry Nance Jr. to give themselves more lineup flexibility. New Orleans decided to turn in some of its assets into players that can contribute now for a playoff push. Hopefully young star Zion Williamson does return for New Orleans so we can see how this team all together can look in the NBA.

New Orleans Grade: B+

February 9th


Elijah Hughes (SF) ($1,517,981)

Joe Ingles (SF) ($12,436,364)

2022 2nd round pick (MEM pick)


Tomas Satoransky (SG) ($10,000,000)

2027 2nd round pick


Nickeil Alexander-Walker (SG) ($3,261,480)

Juan Hernangomez (PF) ($6,907,815)

This trade was a small three-team deal where contracts were dealt around to give most of these teams either flexibility or depth for their rotations. The Blazers take on more expiring contracts to clear up future cap space. The Spurs take on an expiring contract in Tomas Satoransky to get a future second-round pick. Utah takes a chance to improve their depth with energetic forward Juancho Hernangomez; while young scoring guard Nickeil Alexander-Walker gets his new home in Utah hoping to develop into a possible X-Factor for Jazz in the future.

Grades: Portland B+, San Antonio B+ and Utah B+

February 10th


Marvin Bagley III (PF) ($11,312,114)


Serge Ibaka (C) ($10,223,705)

2023 2nd round pick (less favorable of CLE/GSW)

2024 2nd round pick (SAC pick)


Semi Ojeleye (PF) ($1,789,256)

Rodney Hood (SF) ($1,669,178)


Donte DiVincenzo (SG) ($4,675,830)

Josh Jackson (SG) ($5,005,350)

Trey Lyles (PF) ($2,500,000)

The first deal of the deadline day was a four-team trade that has helped all four participants set their rosters for the rest of the season going forward.

Detroit is taking a chance at former top-5 pick Marvin Bagley III with the hopes his talent gets to shine through on their roster.

Detroit Grade: B+

The world champion Milwaukee Bucks have beefed up their center rotation by adding veteran big man Serge Ibaka. The veteran is not what he once was as a player, but if he can give them a decent short stretch in their rotation he should be worth it.

Milwaukee Grade: B

The Clippers added more wings to their roster with Rodney Hood and Semi Ojeleye. It is very likely that the Clippers will waive both of these players to make room for two-way riser Amir Coffey and a possible point guard in the buyout market in the future.

Clippers Grade: B+

Sacramento adds more pieces from its rotation in two-way guard Donte DiVincenzo who was previously in a deal to Sacramento that was canceled by the league due to a tampering scandal. The Kings now have reloaded their roster into a team that has offensive firepower along with athleticism. This trade marks the end of Marvin Bagley III’s time with the team as a former No.2 overall pick in 2018, and passing over young superstar Luka Doncic may haunt the Kings for a long time.

Sacramento Grade: B

February 10th


James Harden (SG) ($44,310,840)

Paul Millsap (PF) ($1,669,178)


Ben Simmons (PG) ($33,003,936)

Seth Curry (SG) ($8,207,518)

Andre Drummond (C) ($1,669,178)

2022 1st round pick (unprotected, right to defer until 2023)

2027 1st round pick (Top-8 protected, 2028 Top-8 protected, conveys to two 2029 2nd-round picks + $2M)

Here is the biggest trade of the deadline, a true blockbuster deal for this year’s trade deadline. The Ben Simmons saga has finally ended with this deal, both the Sixers front office and Ben Simmons got what they wanted from their season-long standoff. Philadelphia now has an MVP running mate to play alongside superstar center Joel Embiid. Philadelphia should be in the running of the top team in the east with their new pairing. This trade can be pretty expensive in the future based on how Philadelphia is over these next few years but, if they win a title it will absolutely be worth it.

Philadelphia Grade: A

Brooklyn was able to recoup assets and value from this James Harden situation with young star Ben Simmons, sharpshooter Seth Curry and rebounder Andre Drummond. Brooklyn also received two first-round picks from Philadelphia to make up for Harden’s value. Brooklyn was able to improve from this trade as they obtained two new role players along with a young defensive star. The Nets do lose a former MVP in their lineup but they will be far more balanced because of this deal.

Brooklyn Grade: A-

Former Moorpark College student Jacob Gordon and avid basketball fan gave his thoughts on this trade and its impact on the league.

“This deal is a huge change in the dynamics in the eastern conference hierarchy of top teams contending for a title,” said Gordon. “Harden really gives the Sixers a chance to get into the finals for this season due to his ability to score at all three levels.”

February 10th


Derrick White (PG) ($15,178,571)


Josh Richardson (SG) ($11,615,328)

2022 1st round pick (Top-4 protected, 2023 Top-4 protected, conveys to 2023 2nd-round pick)

Romeo Langford (SG) ($3,804,360)

2028 1st round pick (Top-1 protected, SAS right to swap)

Boston has upgraded their bench unit with another solid guard to add to their rotation with Derrick White. White and Smart should be a very nice combination on the Celtics’ bench unit. The price paid for this trade can be pretty expensive due to the picks and role players given in this deal.

Celtics Grade: B

San Antonio was able to get multiple assets for a player that probably wasn’t in their long-term plans realistically. Getting a first-round pick and a pick swap is a very good haul for a solid player in Derrick White. Along with those picks, San Antonio was able to secure two decent role players to audition for next year’s team. The Spurs have been setting themselves up to make some moves in the future.

Spurs Grade: B+

February 10th


Ishmael Smith (PG) ($4,500,000)

Vernon Carey Jr. (C) ($1,517,981)

2nd-round pick


Montrezl Harrell (PF) ($9,720,900)

Washington was able to send Montrezl Harrell to a team where he could get more consistent playing time while not taking on long-term salaries. The second-round pick from this deal is the most valuable Washington gained from this deal.

Washington Grade: B-

Charlotte is now giving Montrezl Harrell a chance to audition for their playoff-hopeful rotation. Offensively he should provide them with a spark, but defensively he can be exploited by most offenses. He likely will be inconsistent for the Hornets, but for how little they gave up he will end up being worth it.

Charlotte Grade: B

February 10th


Spencer Dinwiddie (PG) ($17,142,857)

Davis Bertans (SF) ($16,000,000)


Kristaps Porzingis (PF) ($31,650,600)

2nd-round pick

Dallas has finally ended their tenure with Kristaps Porzingis, as they dealt him to the Wizards in which they received two new pieces to add into their rotation being scoring guard Spencer Dinwiddie and stretch big Davis Bertans. Both of these players are under long-term deals that are considered overpaying for each player’s respective value. Davis Bertans has been mostly sitting this season, not within Washington’s rotation. Porzingis has had his issues with consistency and availability in his Mavericks stint but he still is a valuable player in the NBA. This trade is a negative move and use of assets for Dallas.

Dallas Grade: C

Washington turns two bigger contracts into a large contract with this deal. They consolidated their own talent due to this trade which can be a good thing for them due to how many solid players they have on the roster. Bradley Beal now has a running mate who has a skill set that can complement him.

Washington Grade: B+

February 10th


Daniel Theis (C) ($8,280,351)


Dennis Schröder (PG) ($5,890,000)

Enes Kanter Freedom (C) ($1,669,178)

Bruno Fernando (PF) ($1,782,621)

Boston gets another tenure of Daniel Theis with this deal. This has been on a down year since his arrival in Houston but he should likely play better now in an environment with more veterans present to support him.

Boston Grade: B

Houston gets to shed a contract with multiple years on it while not giving up any real assets. This move is a cap-saving deal for their future, as it is possible they could have received a pick from a different team for a player like Daniel Theis.

Houston Grade: B-

February 10th


Goran Dragic (PG) ($19,440,000)

2022 1st round pick (Top-14 protected, 2023 Top-13 protected, conveys to 2nd-round picks)


Thaddeus Young (PF) ($14,190,000)

Drew Eubanks (PF) ($1,762,796)

2022 2nd round pick

San Antonio was able to obtain a protected first-round pick in exchange for an expiring contract from Toronto. They only gave up a veteran forward in Thaddeus Young who was never really in the Spurs’ future plans, likely walking in free agency this summer. Drew Eubanks is a younger player who has an intriguing skill set with his size and ability to stretch the floor, but Toronto would later waive the player to open up a roster spot.

San Antonio Grade: A

Toronto was able to deal Goran Dragic and get a nice veteran forward onto their bench rotation in Thaddeus Young. Toronto is making a push to return to the playoffs with their new and improved roster. The combination of younger and veteran players gives them a good chance to reach the postseason in the Eastern Conference. The price of a first-round pick to get rid of Goran Dragic’s contract while acquiring Young could be considered steep, especially with Young being an expiring contract this offseason. If Toronto does miss the playoffs the protections on the pick should minimize the risk of this deal.

Toronto Grade: B